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Sum Up Quotes

Its too easy to sum up a persons character in one negative instant, and it doesnt put anything good out into the world.
— Hope Davis —

You don't know me. How dare you presume to know me? Are you really so arrogant to believe you can sum up a man by his online presence? I have memories and feelings that have never seen the glow of a computer screen. Ideas that have never set foot online.

— Wayne Gladstone

In three words I can sum up all that I've learned about: It goes on.

— Jessi Kirby

If you could sum up your life in one sentence, then you didn't live much of a life.

— Carroll Bryant

Songwriting is actually a really great outlet. I kind of recommend it. You get to sum up whatever is going on in your life in a song, then perform it really passionately.

— Bridgit Mendler

In the end things must be as they are and have always been
the great things remain for the great, the abysses for the profound, the delicacies and thrills for the refined, and, to sum up shortly, everything rare for the rare.

— Friedrich Nietzsche

If you had to sum up chemistry in one sentence, it might be this: Atoms need to have full shells of electrons to feel satisfied, and different elements steal, shed, or borrow different numbers of electrons to achieve a full shell.

— Sam Kean

Three simple words - freedom, justice and honesty. These sum up what the Liberal Democrats stand for.

— Charles Kennedy

I sum up the prospects for 1967 in three short sentences. We are back on course. The ship is picking up speed. The economy is moving. Every seaman knows the command at such a moment: 'steady as she goes'.

— James Callaghan

To sum up, there is no evidence that a world without nuclear weapons would be a dangerous world. On the contrary, it would be a safer world, as I will show later.

— Joseph Rotblat

You can sum up this sport in two words: You never know.

— Lou Duva

The best image to sum up the unconscious is Baltimore in the early morning.

— Jacques Lacan

Nonsense, seems to sum up everything.

— Albert Einstein

I believe there's more than this-that maybe when we die our brains conjure up some kind of shutdown experience, and that's what people try to sum up as the afterlife. Something else is going to happen and it's going to be crazy and confusing and weird, and we probably won't know what it's all about. It'll just be another place where we're trying to understand why we exist at all.

— Flying Lotus

The whole universe is sum up in the Human Being. Devil is not a monster waiting to trap us, He is a voice inside. Look for Your Devil in Yourself, not in the Others. Don't forget that the one who knows his Devil, knows his God.

— Shams Tabrizi

What I'm above all primarily concerned with is the substance of life, the pith of reality. If I had to sum up my work, I suppose that's it really: I'm taking the pith out of reality.

— Alan Bennett

There's only two ways to sum up music; either it's good or it's bad. If it's good you don't mess about it, you just enjoy it.

— Louis Armstrong

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