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Stupid And Dumb Quotes

I think people have a different image of me because, you know, they portray me with the idea that models are stupid and dumb; like, She can just be a model because she can just be a model - shes dumb and she cant do anything else.
— Gisele Bundchen —

One life, one death. For all of us. Those are the numbers. I'm going to die and there's no avoiding it. I can go looking for it early by driving smashed out of my skull or swimming with sharks, sure, but staying with you isn't like that. It wouldn't be stupid and reckless and dumb, it wouldn't be me missing out on part of my life and skipping to the middle of the book. It'd just be me finding the guy I love early. It'd me hitting the jackpot. I'm not walking away from a piece of luck like that. I'm not walking away from you.

— Jane Davitt

Maxine Hong Kingston Quotes: Im going away anyway i am do you hear me
I'm going away anyway. I am. Do you hear me? I may be ugly and clumsy, but one thing I am not, I'm not retarded. I may be ugly and clumsy, but one thing I am not, I'm not retarded. There's nothing wrong with my brain. Do you know what the Teacher Ghosts say about me? They tell me I'm smart, and I can win scholarships. I can get into colleges. I've already applied. I'm smart. I can do all sorts of things. I know how to get A's, and they say I could be a scientist or a mathematician if I want. I can make a living and take care of myself. So you don't have to find me a keeper who's too dumb to know a bad bargain. I'm so smart, if they say write ten pages, I can write fifteen. I can do ghost things even better than ghosts can. Not everyone thinks I'm nothing. I am not going to be a slave or a wife. Even if I am stupid and talk funny amd get sick, I won't let you turn me into a slave or a wife. I'm getting out of here. I can't stand living here anyore. It's your fault I talk weird.

— Maxine Hong Kingston

T.M. Goeglein Quotes: Im dumb the first one said their
I'm dumb," the first one said, their footsteps receding, "not stupid".

— T.M. Goeglein

Words actually failed me. I felt as dumb as my lounge-less friend in the corner. "You injected me with vampire blood?" My words were said slowly, ensuring that I didn't get one wrong or accidentally call Francis a fucking asshat. "You're a vampire?"
Francis' expression managed to convey how stupid he thought that question was. "I live underground, and you've never seen me outside. I'm pale in complexion ands obviously hundreds of years old. What did you think I was? Agoraphobic?

— Steve McHugh

Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.

— Henry Kissinger

Wherever you look there's meanness and corruption. This room, this bottle of grape wine, these fruits in the basket, are all products of profit and loss. A fellow can't live without giving his passive acceptance to meanness. Somebody wears his tail to a frazzle for every mouthful we eat and every stitch we wear-and nobody seems to know. Everybody is blind, dumb, and blunt-headed-stupid and mean.

— Carson McCullers

I haven't been everywhere, but I've been to enough "wheres" to know that Earth has pockets of stupid popping up north, south, east, and west. From the equator to the prime meridian-dumb does not so easily wash off.

— Corey Taylor

Only stupid men trying to seem smart need to be with dumb women. Only weak men trying to look strong are attracted to compliant women.

— Orson Scott Card

Chance. Stupid, dumb, blind chance. Just a part of the strange mechanism of the world, with its fits and coughs and starts and random collisions.

— Lauren Oliver

My anger is ebbing away now, replace with a crazy grief for the stupid, dumb, trysting animal, who was running too fast and didn't look where it was going and still -even after its leg was scissored in the trap- believed it might escape. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

— Lauren Oliver

Do you blame me for every mistake I made? For every girl I tumbled? For every dumb thing I've said? Because if we start running tallies on stupid, you know who's going to come out ahead.

— Leigh Bardugo

John Irving Quotes: And in our scripture class owen said its
"Yes, but let's not say "dumb-shit disciples" in class, Owen," Mr. Merrill said.

— John Irving

People are stupid. There's a lot of dumb stuff that's successful.

— Adam Carolla

His lips rise. "I usually dumb down around the intellectually deficient so I don't come off like a complete prick." I think he just called me stupid.

— Krista Ritchie

Funny thing about life, it's so easy to view it from the outside in. We can see the exact point where our friends fuck up, do the wrong thing, are blind to what's right in front of them. As in, why the fuck won't they just listen to us and take our advice instead of bumbling all over the place? We watch horror movies and know when to shout at the dumb girl who goes in the basement to investigate that noise; we revel in her stupidity, feel superior to it. If it were us, we assure ourselves, we wouldn't be so stupid. Sure we would; we just wouldn't realize the danger. Because the truth is, we're walking deaf, dumb, and blind half of the time. And even though I can tell myself this afterward, after I fuck up, it doesn't make me feel any better. Because I'm about to do a fuck up royale. With cheese.

— Kristen Callihan

I told him God didn't invent grocery stores. He told me that I had no proof of this, and wouldn't I feel stupid when I died and went to heaven and saw God's Food Mart? I told him that was a dumb name for a grocery store. He told me that I couldn't do any better. I told him God's grocery store was named God's Amazing Food Emporium and that they had weekly specials on the Body Of Christ Sourdough bread loaves. He told me I was sacrilegious. I told him we weren't any kind of religious.

— T.J. Klune

I had no confidence at school. I was not a good student and I really thought I was pretty stupid. Just dumb.

— Tommy Hilfiger

Daryl Hall Quotes: I hear a lot of people singing in funny
I hear a lot of people singing in funny voices and singing like they're stupid. Singing in a deliberately fey and dumb and childish way. And I find it to be a disturbing trend.

— Daryl Hall

Democrats are dumb and Republicans are stupid, but the difference between dumb and stupid is dumb isn't funny. Dumb is when you say something and the whole room goes, 'What did he say?'

— Lewis Black

Charles Stross Quotes: Look we know now that a singularity
Look, we know, now, that a singularity doesn't turn into a voracious predator that eats all the dumb matter in its path, triggering a phase change in the structure of space-at least, not unless they've done something very stupid to the structure of the false vacuum, somewhere outside our current light cone.

— Charles Stross

I think people have a different image of me because, you know, they portray me with the idea that models are stupid and dumb; like, 'She can just be a model because she can just be a model - she's dumb and she can't do anything else.'

— Gisele Bundchen

Colleen Hoover Quotes: Fucking beautiful i whisper she smiles
Fucking beautiful," I whisper.
She smiles and then ducks her head. "I feel stupid."
"I barely know you, so I'm not about to argue with you over your level of intelligence, because you could very well be as dumb as a rock. But at least you're pretty.

— Colleen Hoover

He's not a bad guy, John. It's human nature. He wanted it to be some mistake I made that he wouldn't have made, some flaw in me that he didn't share, so he could believe it wouldn't have happened to him. But it wasn't my fault. It was either blind, dumb, stupid luck from start to finish, in which case, we are all in the wrong business gentleman, or it was a God I cannot worship.

— Mary Doria Russell

There is still in many schools complete misapprehension that children with reading difficulties are stupid. It is so easy to teach a child that they're dumb. There needs to be a recognition that you need different ways to teach children who have got reading problems.

— Jackie French

I could start this review by stating that Dumb and Dumberer lives up to its name, or by calling it stupid, moronic, and idiotic, but I believe that approach is a trap, since a movie like this might relish being the object of such bland invectives. Instead, let me try a few that can't possibly be misconstrued as twisted praise: unfunny, boring, torturous, and unwatchable ... [N]o movie could be more aptly compared to raw sewage than this film - Directed By Troy Miller.

— James Berardinelli

Iain M. Banks Quotes: Unbelievable im in a fucking outside
Unbelievable. I'm in a fucking Outside Context situation, the ship thought, and suddenly felt as stupid and dumb-struck as any muddy savage confronted with explosives or electricity.

— Iain M. Banks

When I was a kid they didn't call it dyslexia. They called it you know, you were slow, or you were retarded, or whatever. What you can never change is the effect that the words 'dumb' and 'stupid' have on young people. I knew I wasn't stupid, and I knew I wasn't dumb. My mother told me that. If you read to me, I could tell you everything that you read. They didn't know what it was. They knew I wasn't lazy, but what was it?

— Whoopi Goldberg

Well maybe it is stupid, but it's also dumb!

— Patrick Star

No matter what you do, no matter how stupid, dumb or damaging you judge it to be, there is a lesson to be learned from it. No matter what happens to you, no matter how unfair, inequitable or wrong, there's something you can take from the situation and use for your advancement.

— Peter McWilliams

Nothing dumb ever starts out stupid.

— Kurt Browning

If anyone knew where they were, I'd send the ISDBB (Incredibly Stupid and Dumb Beyond Belief) award to the two guys who tried to break in to the Ohio penitentiary.

— Erma Bombeck

If you don't include your women graduates in your breeding pool and leave them on the shelf, you would end up a more stupid society ... So what happens? There will be less bright people to support dumb people in the next generation. That's a problem.

— Lee Kuan Yew

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