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Straightforward Quotes

And what he meant was that maths wasnt like life because in life there are no straightforward answers in the end
— Mark Haddon —

In simple straightforward terms Dan, you might say that he structured the material in terms of the ongoing situation to tangibilitate the utilization potential of this one to one instructional medium in such a meaningful learning experience that these
kids won't forget it for a hell of a long time, how's that Whiteback.

— William Gaddis

There's a certain logic to systems, and that logic is fairly self-evident. It's very straightforward, usually. It might take a little research, it might take a little bit of industry to prize it out, but it's there to be seen.

— Michael Nesmith

I would rather people take me as straightforward and not have to wonder if I'm kidding or not. Because what I have to say, and what I'm interested in doing and communicating, is worthwhile enough that I don't want to muck it up with people being confused about where I'm really coming from.

— Charles Grodin

Songs like the Buck Owens tune, for example, are very simple and straightforward, and recording it really gave me a chance to get into and get a sense of Buck's personality, a feel for that whole Bakersfield sound.

— Juice Newton

The hypothesis of surviving intelligence and personality - not only surviving but anxious and able with difficulty to communicate - is the simplest and most straightforward and the only one that fits all the facts.

— Oliver Joseph Lodge

I write in a pretty straightforward way. I kind of sit down at page one and start writing.

— Zack Snyder

You're absolutely right. You're absolutely right. It's staggering how you jump straight the hell into the heart of a matter. I'm goosebumps all over ... By God, you inspire me. You inflame me, Bessie. You know what you've done? Do you realize what you've done? You've given this whole goddam issue a fresh, new, Biblical slant. I wrote four papers in college on the Crucifixion-five, really-and every one of them worried me half crazy because I thought something was missing. Now I know what it was. Now it's clear to me. I see Christ in an entirely different light. His unhealthy fanaticism. His rudeness to those nice, sane, conservative, tax-paying Pharisees. Oh, this is exciting! In your simple, straightforward bigoted way, Bessie, you've sounded the missing keynote of the whole New Testament. Improper diet. Christ lived on cheeseburgers and Cokes. For all we know he probably fed the mult-

— J.D. Salinger

'Celebrity Apprentice' has more integrity and is the most straightforward show I've ever seen.

— Penn Jillette

I'm not insane. This is very simple, very straightforward. Provided he doesn't kill me, it's foolproof.

— Josh Lanyon

The concept of luck is very straightforward. Some people notice opportunities and others don't.

— Richard Wiseman

Dennis McCurdy's Find A Way is a straightforward compilation of suggestions that will simplify your life and set you on the path toward success. The book has the feel of a friendly neighbor sharing the secrets that enabled him to win in life. This is an easy read that pays big dividends. I enjoyed it and highly recommend Find A Way to anyone seeking motivation.

— Tolly Burkan

Often times, if a character is pretty straightforward, he or she is not as interesting to portray.

— Jonathan Jackson

My style of deal-making is quite simple and straightforward. I aim very high, and the I just keep pushing and pushing and pushing to get what I'm after.

— Donald Trump

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