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Stop Yelling At Me Quotes

I was in my room, sitting on the Goddamn floor, setting up my new computer when I heard yelling from the living room. I went out to check what the fuck was happening. The last thing I expected to see was Amanda sitting on Ethan, while he was on his back on the floor. She was slapping the shit out of his head while he was yelling at her to stop. What the fuck? I didnt know whether to laugh, cheer, leave, or throw money at them.
— Jay McLean —

During Basic, sometimes you're so tired you can't even get up to piss. You're pushed beyond whatever limits you had set for yourself. You realize that your body can do things that you never imagined. But there are times when you don't think you can go on, and that's when your brother is there to lift you up and push you forward. He yells encouragement when the drill sergeant's yelling obscenities. You know that if you're ever caught by the enemy, your brothers will never stop looking for you. If you're hurt they'll help heal you. The Corps is a unit of many, not one, but dozens, thousands even, who have your back. You can smite one Marine, but a thousand will rose up to avenge him.

— Jen Frederick

I was still a newlywed and certainly wasn't to the point where I felt comfortable yelling, "I'm going to shit my pants any second!"
But the sweating had started, which was followed by the tears. "I'm not feeling well, and need to get home," I told him.
"Ok, but I have to obey the speed limit because of all the kids in the neighborhood," he replied.
I was pleading with him to hurry up when he came to a complete stop.
I screamed at him, "Why are we stopping?"
He rolled down the window. "Retreat."
I could see the flag lowering in the distance, the beautiful orange sun setting behind it.
In the opposite direction I could see the roof line of our home - so close, yet so far away.
As Retreat played, I surrendered. I pooped my pants. I took one for the flag.
Now that's patriotism.

— Mollie Gross

He stalked up to her, yelling, "Do not call me demon!"
She forced herself to hold her ground, then repeated his earlier words: "Sensitive about this, creature?"
"Demons are savage. Vrekeners have grace and a sacred purpose. We are descended from gods!"
"How do you know this?"
"From the Tales of Troth-sanctified knowledge passed on from one Vrekener generation to the next for millennia."
"I'm going to have to stop you, because you've already bored me.

— Kresley Cole

How can you stop yourself from yelling and shouting and accusing everyone of cruelty? The easy answer is that the aggressive approach simply doesn't work.

— Jane Goodall

Sam stop yelling at her!" her mother yelled.
"If this were in Japsnese," said Danny, "it could be an anime.

— Kelly Creagh

You have to stop drawing on things!"Teena was yelling. "Paper only, okay? Not walls. Not faces. Not Mrs. Reynold's dog. Not my pants."
"I was doing the days of the week pants"
"I don't need days of the week pants!" She shouted. "And if I did I would spell Wednesday correctly!

— Jojo Moyes

In a river mist, if another boat knocks against yours, you might yell at the other fellow to stay clear. But if you notice then, that it's an empty boat, adrift with nobody aboard, you stop yelling. When you discover that all the others are drifting boats, there's no one to yell at. And when you find out you are an empty boat, there's no one to yell.

— Zhuangzi

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