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Star Trek 5 Quotes

No, the type-casting didnt happen until after Star Trek. I dont think that you get typecast until youve been cast!
— Jonathan Frakes —

I know stuff about 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Star Wars,' but 'Star Trek,' I don't know.

— Kunal Nayyar

'Star Trek Into Darkness' isn't that 'Star Trek' is going to be no fun, and dark. It's that the fun's going to be challenged by some serious issues.

— Roberto Orci

There would be no Star Trek unless there were transporter malfunctions.

— LeVar Burton

I grew up addicted to 'Star Trek' and 'Mission: Impossible.' Now I switch between 'South Park' and 'C-Span.'

— Lawrence Blume

I can't deal with the ears in 'Star Trek.' I only saw the first 'Star Wars' movie, and I don't think I saw an entire 'Star Trek' TV show, and I certainly didn't see the movie. I like 'Andy Griffith' and 'Deadwood.'

— Clyde Edgerton

The truth of the matter is, all of those guys on Star Trek: The Next Generation actually want to be me. These impersonations they do are just some way of trying to feel what it must be like to be me. And I understand that! Because it feels really good to be Patrick Stewart!

— Patrick Stewart

Up until the time I was cast in 'Star Trek,' the roles were pretty shallow - thin, stereotyped, one-dimensional roles. I knew this character was a breakthrough role, certainly for me as an individual actor but also for the image of an Asian character: no accent, a member of the elite leadership team.

— George Takei

'Star Trek' was always a little bit closed emotionally. I never connected to the characters.

— J.J. Abrams

1.7% increase in terms of success rate a year, its nothing. By the time we get to the 24 century we might have effective treatments, Star Trek will be long gone by that time.

— Ralph W. Moss

You sing about the things you're influenced by. So we've been big into sci-fi since we were kids, things like Star Trek etc. Then came movies like Terminator and Dune. Burton is also a really big reader and loves sci-fi novels which helps him write. It's also really cool he does that because it's through the perspective of how we see things going or possibly going.

— Dino Cazares

Star Trek, I thought, was a very inconsistent show, which at times sparkled with true ingenuity and pure science fiction approaches, and other times was more carnival-like, and very much more the creature of television than the creature of a legitimate literary form.

— Rod Serling

Well, you know, I do think in the larger span of things, I owe it all to Star Trek, because Star Trek has given me this pop icon status if you will, and one of the gifts have been this megaphone I have which amplifies my voice and I can reach people. And I do think the movement for equality for LGBT Americans is in the same context of all of the great American movements, you know, the basic fundamental ideals of this country of justice and equality.

— George Takei

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