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Star Player Quotes

My job has changed over the years, 22 years roughly Ive been cooking professionally. When I was younger, I aspired to be the star player. Now, its more I like to sit in the dugout and make sure the team wins the game.
— Wylie Dufresne —

I think when you become a parent you go from being a star in the movie of your own life to the supporting player in the movie of someone else's.

— Craig Ferguson

The star player must slay his ego and learn teamwork and communication skills before he can achieve the ultimate in sport

— Walt Frazier

By the time I got to Northwestern University in 1930, I was a football bum more interested in being an All-Star player and signing on with a pro team than going after a newspaper job.

— Irv Kupcinet

My dream was to be in the NBA. I wasn't really focused on being a star player on a team. I just wanted to make it to the NBA. I've been blessed for the opportunities to be in the Finals, been in the playoffs ever since I've been in the NBA.

— James Harden

I don't like the word 'rock star' or 'super star.' I am a guitar player, a songwriter who got lucky because I stayed at it and didn't give up, long enough that people noticed me.

— Randy Bachman

I was into her and it was creating some kind of war inside me. A war between the guy I was and the guy everyone wanted me to be. It never used to be a competition. I was happy to be that guy. The player, the football star, the charmer. I was those things. But I was more.

— Cambria Hebert

Do you believe you're a starter or a benchwarmer? Do you believe you're an all-star or an also- ran? If the answers to these questions are the latter, your play on the field will reflect it. But when you've learned to shut off outside influences and believe in yourself, there's no telling how good a player you can be.

— Rod Carew

The fact Jeff Teague has never been an All-Star is puzzling to me because he's certainly an All-Star-caliber player,

— Frank Vogel

My dad's father was a White Star Line trumpet player in the '20s. It shaped the way that I think about music. My grandfather was classically trained, military trained. He was an orphan who ended up in the Military School of Music in Kneller Hall.

— Elvis Costello

I think it was wishful thinking of me to dream of being an NBA player. And once I made the NBA I dreamed of being an All-Star, but I never dreamed of being an MVP.

— Steve Nash

Decide which you want to play up: your clothing or your jewelry, but not both. Let one be the star and one the supporting player.

— Padma Lakshmi

Nobody seems to appreciate what an incredible player Wilt was," Russell said at 1997 All-Star Game when the league named and honored its 50 greatest players. "He was the best player of all time because he dominated the floor like nobody else ever could. To be that big and that athletic was special.

— Wilt Chamberlain

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