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Sometimes You Have To Realize Quotes

As you grow older you realize that art has an enormous effect. Its frightening sometimes to think of the effect that we can have.
— Andy Goldsworthy —

Sometimes when you think you have nothing, you realize you have yourself, and that's something.

— Lindy Zart

Sometimes it's hard to know when you've crossed the line from conscientious to compulsive. When you're in the thick of an assignment, it's easy to believe that you must spend so much time brainstorming, researching, writing, testing, revising or what-have-you. Often, it's only after you've been working for hours on end that you realize that half the work you've been doing wasn't actually necessary and that you've just wasted a lot of time.

— Michael Law

During Basic, sometimes you're so tired you can't even get up to piss. You're pushed beyond whatever limits you had set for yourself. You realize that your body can do things that you never imagined. But there are times when you don't think you can go on, and that's when your brother is there to lift you up and push you forward. He yells encouragement when the drill sergeant's yelling obscenities. You know that if you're ever caught by the enemy, your brothers will never stop looking for you. If you're hurt they'll help heal you. The Corps is a unit of many, not one, but dozens, thousands even, who have your back. You can smite one Marine, but a thousand will rose up to avenge him.

— Jen Frederick

Sometimes you giving a lot attention for someone but then she didn't give you attention as big as you gave ... you only have to wait because someday she will realize that attention from yours is priceless.

— Ikhsan Baskara

One minute you are here and the next moment you are some place else, some time a long ago. That is the thing about your mind. Memories. Everything still exists in the folds of your brain; you may try to forget or honestly believe that you have forgotten but nothing is ever erased. Every memory is registered, good or bad does not matter. Sometimes you bring some out on purpose, sometimes some memory jumps at you on its own, shocking you, shaking you, making you realize how far you have come and at the same time proving to you that you can never really go far enough.

— Arti Honrao

If you have been brave enough to love, and somtimes you won and sometimes you lost; if you have cared enough to try, and sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't; if you have been bold enough to dream and found yourself with some dreams that came true and a lot of broken pieces of dreams that didn't, that fell to earth and shattered,then you can look back from the mountaintop you now find yourself standing on, like Moses contemplating the tablets that would guide human behavior for a millenia, resting in the Ark alongside the broken fragments of an earlier dream. And you, like Moses, can realize how ful your life has been and how richly you are blessed.

— Harold S. Kushner

Sometimes you know you have something, but your subconscious doesn't realize it. That is when you just need to get used to life's little unexpected occurances.

— Svetlana Sonday

Looking back on it, I realize that it might not have been the completely right thing to do. Unfortunately, the rental market in San Francisco sometimes requires that you overlook trivial things like having a serial killer for a landlord.

— Darren McKeeman

I think as you get older you become more of who you always were. You become a more concentrated version of yourself. You really learn who you are, why you're unique, who you've always been [ ... ] There's a winnowing away of nonessentials, sometimes essentials, it's true, but what remains is your core, your essence, the real 'you,' and you realize you're still you without what you've lost as long as you still have all your marbles
or most of them anyway.

— Stacey McGlynn

I like to go after the foibles, basically of beliefs that are held without question. If people still want to believe in their stuff after that, that's great - as long as they just have a chance to step back and look at it for a second. Sometimes, you don't even realize what you've been thinking for 20 years.

— Elayne Boosler

I don't want to know everything about bands, I want to have some mystique remain because sometimes when you get all of this information you realize that they are just people and that actually takes away a little bit from the aura of somebody.

— John Bush

People don't realize that, you know, we have - "we" meaning people in show business have the same problems as everybody else. Money don't change that. Fame don't change that. Sometimes that brings on more problems. You know, it's just a - different kind of problems. As they say, money ain't everything.

— Dolly Parton

As you grow older you realize that art has an enormous effect. It's frightening sometimes to think of the effect that we can have.

— Andy Goldsworthy

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