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Sometimes I Mess Up Quotes

What do you do when you dont know what to do about something? I talk to Mr. Sugar and my friends. I make lists. I attempt to analyze the situation from the perspective of my "best self" - the one thats generous, reasonable, forgiving, loving, bighearted, and grateful. I think really hard about what Ill wish I did a year from now. I map out the consequences of the various actions I could take. I ask what my motivations are, what my desires are, what my fears are, what I have to lose, and what I have to gain. I move toward the light, even if its a hard direction in which to move. I trust myself. I keep the faith. I mess up sometimes.
— Cheryl Strayed —

She was the kind of elegance
That would never tarnish.
A mixture of lace and mesh,
Like a classic heirloom that begged to be worn.
She was sharp intellect and quick wit.
The type of woman that spoke her mind,
Even if it shook.
(Or even if no one was listening.)
She was beautiful.
But not someone you'd see in magazines,
Her hips were too wide, her hair a mess of wispy tendrils,
(Rather, she was actually very ordinary.)
My, was she stubborn! She'd drive you mad!
(Sometimes, you'd probably call her crazy.)
But mostly, her laughter was a joyful moments.
Like a warm towel fresh from the dryer,
Or finding a twenty-dollar bill in your winter coat.
And that was the true revelation.
That magic does exist,
It ran through her like a wild, fiery current.

— M.J. Abraham

Sometimes we make mistakes, Eva. Sometimes we make mistakes and they're so terrible the word mistake doesn't seem big enough to encompass it. But it happens. And the only way to ever make up for it is by cleaning up the mess.

— Kat Zhang

If you love somebody, go get them. Deal with the mess later. They are important more than anything ... You don't know what tomorrow will bring ... and sometimes tomorrow never come ...

— Bharat

Sometimes everyone does the right thing and there's still a mess left to clean up. Someone has to take responsibility for it.

— Kami Garcia

Doing interviews can sometimes mess up my head. It makes me feel dirty. It's frustrating how the press recycles a quote to death.

— Juliana Hatfield

The whole idea with acting is that you take some risks. And if you take some risks, you're really going to mess up sometimes. But it's not OK to mess up a movie; it's not OK to do that just so you can improve as an actor. But film-making takes a little bit of risk in every department.

— Domhnall Gleeson

We should protect our legacy of a free church in a free state. We ought to pray and work for a "quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty" (1 Tim. 2:2 kjv). But that is not the ultimate sign of our success. It is better for our future generations to be willing to go to jail-for the right reasons-than to exchange the gospel of the kingdom for a mess of Esau's pottage. Sometimes jails filled with hymn-singing, letter-writing, gospel-preaching Christians can do extraordinary things.

— Russell D. Moore

Sometimes you just have to go and make a mess of things to get people to pay attention.

— Madonna Ciccone

Sometimes we focus on the mess or the broken dream, but in all the mess God sees greatness. He knows how to take your troubles and turn them into trophies, how to take the test and make it your testimony.

— Joel Osteen

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