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Someone You Admire Quotes

Developing a relationship with someone you admire, who can encourage you to reach your full potential, is something that everyone can benefit from.
— Mandy Moore —

No one will ever admire you for being someone else.

— Kim Dallmeier

I admire someone who in the literal sense can say, 'If it is broken, I can fix it. If it's lost I can find it. IF you fall, I can catch you.' because if you can say it in the literal sense, you can mean it in the figurative sense. The littlest things can change the world. A smile can save someone's life, and a hand freely given when you have nothing to give other than yourself, can mean the world to someone else

— Jennifer Megan Varnadore

It's a cliche, but John Lennon is my hero. He was so rebellious, so outspoken and so publicly opinionated, and I'm someone who's so private. I suppose you admire people who have the qualities you wish you had.

— Emun Elliott

The people I really most admire are Robert Kennedy and Franklin Roosevelt. If you know someone, it is very hard to revere them.

— Ken Livingstone

Close your eyes, and think of someone you physically admire, and let me kiss you.

— Morrissey

Remember that you don't have to like or admire someone to feel compassion for that person. All you have to do is wish for that person to be happy.

— Thanissaro Bhikkhu

I think it's really good and helpful to have the people you most admire in some other discipline than what you work in. It's too intimidating and derivative to be just totally gobsmacked by someone doing exactly the same thing as you are.

— Whit Stillman

It's disappointing when you finally get to meet someone you admire and he conducts himself as a jerk.

— David Letterman

In fact, most of the time, people with similar information, similar beliefs and similar apparent choices will choose similar actions. So if you want to know why someone does what they do, start with what they know, what they believe and where they came from. Dismissing actions we don't admire merely because we don't care enough to have empathy is rarely going to help us make the change we seek. It doesn't help us understand, and it creates a gulf that drives us apart.

— Seth Godin

Envy someone an' it pulls you down. Admire them and it builds you up. Which makes more sense?

— Elvis Presley

I admire the hell out of her. You can't have sex with someone you admire.

— Jerry Seinfeld

When I hear a great new record, especially when it's by someone that I respect and admire, then a part of me is like, Why didn't I think of that? Why didn't I write that record? It makes you sick, but in a way it can be a great thing. It makes you want to go back to the lab and start writing again. Maybe it will inspire you to try a little harder.

— Beyonce Knowles

I don't apply [being a role model] to the choices I make. I feel like a role model is not necessarily someone you want to imitate, just someone you admire.

— Kristen Stewart

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