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Someone Once Told Me Quotes

It is," I said. "And its not even difficult. But I need your promise on the River Styx." "What?" Dionysus cried. "You dont trust us?" "Someone once told me," I said, looking at Hades, "you should always get a solemn oath." Hades shrugged. "Guilty.
— Rick Riordan —

In everything, no matter what it may be, uniformity is undesirable. Leaving something incomplete makes it interesting, and gives one the feeling that there is room for growth. Someone once told me, "Even when building the imperial palace, they always leave one place unfinished." In both Buddhist and Confucian writings of the philosophers of former times, there are also many missing chapters.

— Yoshida Kenkō

Why would you do that for me?" Leesha asked.
Rojer smiled, taking her hand in his crippled one. "We're survivors, aren't we?" he asked. "Someone once told me that survivors have to look out for one another.

— Peter V. Brett

Someone once told me that children are like kites. You struggle just to get them in the air; they crash; you add a longer tail. Then they get caught in a tree; you climb up and bring them down, and untangle the string; you run to get them aloft again. Finally, the kite is airborne, and it flies higher and higher, as you let out more string, until it's so high in the sky, it looks like a bird. And if the string snaps, and you've done your job right, the kite will continue to soar in the wind, all by itself.

— Charmian Carr

Someone once told me to never dream.

— Justin Bieber

Someone once told me that if you respect a person, listen to their opinion. And if you do not respect someone, then do not listen to their opinion. And that works both ways.

— Maisie Williams

In Israel, I think I have the image of an 'Ashkenazi woman' as a stereotype. Someone once told me that I look like a deodorant commercial. But my appearance is misleading; I can be emotionally aggressive, too, and in 'Law and Order,' I once played a murderer. I see no limitations. I see both my toughness and the softness.

— Mili Avital

Someone once told me that religion is like a knife: You can stab someone with it, or you can slice bread with it.

— Vera Farmiga

Someone once told me that the ' ... Baby One More Time' video should be me as a superhero fighting a giant robot monster.

— Britney Spears

Someone once told me a story about long term relationships. To think of them as a continent to explore. I could spend a lifetime backpacking through Africa, and I would still never know all there is to know about that continent. To stay the course, to stay intentional, to stay curious and connected - that's the heart of it. But it's so easy to lose track of the trail, to get tired, to want to give up, or to want a new adventure. It can be so easy to lose sight of the goodness and mystery within the person sitting right in front of you.

— Joy Williams

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