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Snide Quotes

Id better light the charcoal," Gennie said after a moment. "I didnt ask before," Grant began as they started down the pier. "But do you know how to cook on one of those things?" "My dear Mr. Campbell," Gennie said in a fluid drawl, "you appear to have several misconceptions about southern women.I can cook on a hot rock." "And wash shirts in a fast stream." "Every bit as well as you could," Gennie tossed back. "You might have some advantage on me in mechanical areas, but Id say were about even otherwise." "A strike for the womens movement." Gennie narrowed her eyes. "Are you about to say something snide and unintelligent?
— Nora Roberts —

People who make snide comments to authors like "anyone can write a book" or "well, you did it, so obviously I can/it can't be that hard" or poke at a book because it's "romance" or "genre fiction" and act like that somehow makes it substandard because they don't read it ... well, ok, go ahead. Write a bestseller. Don't forget to go through the correct edit process. We'll wait.

— Michelle M. Pillow

Sisters annoy, interfere, criticize. Indulge in monumental sulks, in huffs, in snide remarks. Borrow. Break. Monopolize the bathroom. Are always underfoot. But if catastrophe should strike, sisters are there. Defending you against all comers.

— Pam Brown

For years and years, I was beset with snide remarks by certain members of the press, where they would turn John Oates into a joke, or they would trivialize what I do, which never really bothered me all that much.

— Daryl Hall

Why do you suppose Scarabus had to hide his sister?"
I just knew I was going to say something snide. "For snacking later?"
There were a couple of gasps, one horrified chuckle, and several snorts.

— Lili St. Crow

Cursed at the fact that, even given my danger, my damned nympho magic perked up at his masculine grin. Somehow, the fact I that found him attractive, even as I knew he was going to attempt to kill me, seemed wrong. I bet he's got a hard stake, my snide magic murmured in my mind with a lusty chuckle.

— Eve Langlais

That was the problem with snide comments; they invariably lost all their punch on repetition. Besides, when facing impending death, what did the odd witticism matter?

— Lauren Willig

It was the usual sort of academic battle: footnotes at ten paces, bolstered by snide articles in academic journals and lots of sniping about methodology, a thrust and parry of source and countersource. My sources had to be better.

— Lauren Willig

If left together for too long, the two of them might actually take over the civilized world, through sheer application of snide remarks.

— Gail Carriger

If you have any helpful suggestions I'd be pleased to hear them. If all you can do is make snide insinuations then it would probably benefit all concerned if you bestowed the fruits of your prodigious wit on someone with the spare time to give them the consideration they doubtless deserve.

— Iain Banks

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