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Smiling Because Of U Quotes

I would take it as a personal favor if you would use the term Ambient Temperature Risen American." "Ha, ha, ha." He saw that Reagan was not smiling. "Ah, of course, anyway, I just wanted to say that many of my close friends are at ambient temperature, in fact many of them have become estates, which I think we have to learn to think of as they are every bit as much a person as any corporation, or any other corporation if the estate happens to be incorporated or own a corporation, because we have to think about that. And I want you to know that I can identify very strongly with that, because, in fact, many of my ancestors are ambient temperature also, as I know from having attended their baptisms.
— John Barnes —

She watches Simon's profile as he drives, concentrating, but he keeps turning to her, and every time he does so, he is smiling. He doesn't seem to care, and she wonders if, actually, he wants to be caught. In some ways she does, because she knows, already, albeit crazily swiftly, that she wants more of this man, that once was never, ever going to be enough.

— Sarah Rayner

Why, then?" I demand. "It is because, Miss Faber," says Mr. Peel, smiling one of his very rare smiles. "It is because you can swim." What?

— L.A. Meyer

I think he would have been proud and smiling ... when we laid him to rest because his family was together. I think that was a great gift to be able to give Dad at the end.

— Michael Reagan

Woody is the guy who made me want to be a comic. I was in heaven and couldn't stop smiling because he was my idle and 29 years after seeing Take the Money and Run, I was working for him.

— Jon Lovitz

I work for Fox News as a commentator. I say whatever I want. I'm the blonde on the left, figuratively and literally - the one who's usually smiling because it's T.V., not the Supreme Court or Congress, and I find civility more effective in any event.

— Susan Estrich

But they were wasting their time. Because Hassan stood with his arms wide open, smiling, waiting for the kite. And may God-if He exists, that is-strike me blind if the kite didn't just drop into his outstretched arms.

— Khaled Hosseini

Julia, why are you smiling?"
"Because," I told him happily, "it's only our first night in this house and we already have two mysteries to solve. A most excellent beginning.

— Deanna Raybourn

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