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Smile No Worries Quotes

The Grand Canyon ... " Jason recalled that day on the Skywalk, when one of his jerk classmates turned out to be a wind spirit. "Dylan? Are you kidding me? Im breathing Dylan?" "Yes," Kym said. "That seems to be his name." Jason shuddered. "Ill let him go as soon as I reach the surface. No worries." "Farewell, then," said the goddess. "And may the Fates smile upon you ... assuming the Fates survive.
— Rick Riordan —

I give it a fifty-fifty chance of total failure. If Kai refuses to repay a debt he legitimately owes, he'll be dishonoured in front of his entire Flight. Thunderbirds always avenge their dead, honour their word, and pay their debts. Those seem to be the only laws they have." Based on what little time I'd spent with them.
Marc frowned. "It's the 'legitimately owes' part that worries me."
"Thus the fifty-fifty shot of failure." I stared up at the nest, watching for any sign of activity. "It all depends on whether or not I'm able to bullshit him into thinking he owes us."
"The odds are always in your favour when bullshit's involved." Jace grinned, and I couldn't help returning his smile.

— Rachel Vincent

She wanted more. More of him. More of this and them ... she wanted to see him come apart above her and know that they had done this together.
She wanted to find their own beautiful rhythm. The music swirled and rose about them, a tempting pace she was eager to match.
She smiled, and he felt her smile travel all the way to his heart, allaying his worries.
Without breaking eye contact, he began to move in and out maddeningly slowly.

— Sylvain Reynard

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