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Sit Down And Shut Up Quotes

Stop it!" I hissed glaring at both in turn. "Stop it right now! Put your weapons up, both of you! Ash, youre in no condition to fight, and, Puck, shame on you, agreeing to duel him when hes obviously hurt. Sit down and shut up." -Meghan
— Julie Kagawa —

Goddamnit I've never been the "pretty friend ... " She's the one who wears the perfect eyeliner, it never gathers like a crowd in her tear ducts to create a grapefruit-size ebony eye booger. The one who can wear a bodysuit, sit down in it, and not have rolls of fat cascading over her belt. The one who can eat a sandwich or hamburger and not wind up with lipstick on the bun or on her chin. The one who can actually eat in front of other people and not have food, like coleslaw, hanging from her lip or shooting out of her mouth, landing on the plates of other diners. She never spits when she talks. She sleeps with her mouth shut and never drools. She doesn't pick at her face. And she never, ever has to take a shit.

— Laurie Notaro

Sit ... down
Are you ready for this?
Shut ... up
Are you ready for this?
Stand ... up
Are you ready for this?
Are you ready for this?

— Three Days Grace

I've seen enough death."
A single angel rose in the darkness from the circle they'd formed around the Qayom Malak. "If she can't do it, she can't do it."
"Shut up, Cam," Arriane said. "Sit down.
Cam stepped forward, approaching Luce. His narrow frame cast its shadow across the Slab. "We've taken it this far. You can't say we haven't given it every kind of shot." He turned to face the others. "But maybe she just can't. There is only so much you can ask a person to do. She wouldn't be the first filly anybody lost a fortune on. So what if she happens to be the last?"
His tone did not match his words, and neither did his eyes, which said with desperate sincerity, You can do this. You have to.

— Lauren Kate

We spend the first twelve months of our children's' lives teaching them to walk and talk and the next twelve years telling them to sit down and shut up.

— Anonymous.

Kids don't say, "Wait." They say, "Wait up, hey wait up!" Because when you're little, your life is up. The future is up. Everything you want is up. "Hold up. Shut up! Mum, I'll clean up. Let me stay up!" Parents, of course, are just the opposite. Everything is down. "Just calm down. Slow down. Come down here! Sit down. Put ... that ... down."

— Jerry Seinfeld

I wish airplanes were more like elementary school with someone up front telling everyone to sit down and shut up.

— Alonzo Bodden

Tell the negative committee that meets inside your head to sit down and shut up.

— Ann B. Davis

Stand up, speak out, and be bold. Screw political correctness. Never let them tell you to sit down and shut up.

— Sarah Palin

I went to see the Terminator movie the other night. Every time Arnold Schwarzenegger came on the screen this guy in front of me went 'Booo! Booo!' and was throwing stuff. I had to say 'Governor Davis just shut up and sit down!'

— Jay Leno

In the end, you have to just sit down, shut up, and write.

— Natalie Goldberg

You say you're worried about kids? I'm not worried about kids, I'm worried about grown ups ... Children are not the problem here ... We spend the first year of their lives teaching them how to walk and talk, and the rest of their lives telling them to shut up and sit down.

— Neil DeGrasse Tyson

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