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Shoot Me Now Quotes

This shit is potent. I feel ... " He nodded slowly. "Yeah." I lifted my eyebrows, wondering if he was drunk or high. Blondie giggled again and pointed at him. "Ive never heard you cuss before." "I dont," Hamilton said blankly before Blondie charged, "But you just said shit." He laughed and pointed back at her. "So did you." As they giggled together, I rolled my eyes to the ceiling. Oh, dear God. Someone shoot me now.
— Linda Kage —

I don't mind a little disappointment now and then. It just means you've got high standards. I'd rather shoot high and be disappointed sometimes than just live in the middle with the illusion of being satisfied.

— Priscilla Glenn

Caroline Trent hadn't meant to shoot Percival Prewitt, but she had, and now he was dead.
Or at least she thought he was dead.

— Julia Quinn

I do know how to operate a computer. (Joe)
Yeah, right. What was it you said just ten minutes ago? Get this damned thing off my desk before I shoot it? Now make the call, Mr. Hunt-and-Peck. (Tee)

— Sherrilyn Kenyon

Oh shoot, Imagene, you shouldn't have told them that. Big mouth. "I mean, not that the hotel's not open for business now, because it is. Sure enough. You're both here." I flashed a big toothy grin, but only Carter smiled back. The

— Lisa Wingate

I'm ashamed to say this, but I watched every episode of 'Starsky and Hutch' as a kid. I loved that show, but now I think it's stupid - they'd have a car chase for no reason, then Paul Michael Glaser would shoot the car and it would blow up.

— Shane Black

George!' [Horace] said, the relief evident in his voice. 'Are you all right?'
'No! I am not!' George replied with considerable spirit. 'I have a whacking great arrow stuck through my arm and it hurts like the very dickens! How could anybody be all right in those circumstances?' ...
'You saved my life, George,' Horace said gently ...
George grimaced. 'Well, if I'd known it was going to hurt like this, I wouldn't have! I would have just let them shoot you! Why do you live this way?' he demanded in a high-pitched voice. 'How can you bear it? This sort of thing is very, very painful. I always suspected that warriors are crazy. Now I know.

— John Flanagan

Getting to do what I think was my fifth BBC drama with Nikki Amuka-Bird - we've done 'Shoot The Messenger,' 'Five Days,' 'The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency,' 'Born Equal' and now 'Small Island' - was another highlight for me. And filming in Jamaica was great, too.

— David Oyelowo

The photographer is now charging real beasts, beleaguered and too rare to kill. Guns have metamorphosed into cameras in this earnest comedy, the ecology safari, because nature has ceased to be what it always had been - what people needed protection from. Now nature - tamed, endangered, mortal - needs to be protected from people. When we are afraid, we shoot. But when we are nostalgic, we take pictures.

— Susan Sontag

Listen to me, Defecates-with-Pigeons. Long before any of you came here, we dream'd of you. All the people, even Nations far to the South and the West, dreamt you before ever we saw you,- we believ'd that you came from some other World, or the Sky. You had Powers and we respected them. Yet you never dream'd of us, and when at last you saw us, wish'd only to destroy us. Then the killing started,- some of you, some of us,- but not nearly as many as we'd been expecting. You could not be the Giants of long ago, who would simply have wip'd us away, and for less. Instead, you sold us your Powers,- your Rifles,- as if encouraging us to shoot at you,- and so we did, tho' not hitting as many of you, as you were expecting. Now you begin to believe that we have come from elsewhere, possessing Powers you do not- Those of us who knew how, have fled into Refuge in your Dreams, at last. Tho' we now pursue real lives no different at their Hearts from yours, we are also your Dreams.

— Thomas Pynchon

Get me a gun. If I don't go into labor soon, I'm going to shoot myself. And pass the gravy. Pass it now.
Valerie - To the Nines

— Janet Evanovich

The trend now is to shoot in Canada because it's cheaper, and they don't care what the location is.

— Steve Buscemi

Always shoot it now. It won't be the same when you go back.

— Jay Maisel

I live in a constituency that is quite rural, there are some very successful hunts there that are abiding by the law as it stands now but who are very often pointing out to me the consequences of the need to exterminate vermin, which foxes are, and the consequences of trying to shoot them and winging them and so on.

— Andrea Leadsom

According to the New York Daily News, Geraldo said he is now carrying a gun, and he will personally shoot Osama bin Laden if he finds him. If Osama also has a gun, this could work out okay.

— Jay Leno

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