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Shoe Leather Quotes

I thought cobblers just ate shoe leather" Jocelyn says as she and her shadow dance by us. Ive had enough of this one. "I never have, but if you want to try leather, Im happy to shove some down your throat.
— Jen Calonita —

You probably think battles are won with cannons and brave speeches and fearless charges." She smoothed her skirts as she spoke. "They're not. Wars are won by dint of having adequate shoe leather. They're won by boys who make shells in munition factories, by supply trains shielded from enemy eyes. Wars are won by careful attendance to boring detail. If you wait to see the cavalry charge, Your Grace, you'll have already lost.

— Courtney Milan

Slaves of Plastic! Leather-shoe chino-pants prisoners! Haircut junkies! Dacron-shiffers!

— Allen Ginsberg

Cause I'm gonna put my foot so far up their butts they're going to burp shoe leather. (Nick)

— Sherrilyn Kenyon

O shoe, leather ship that sails our cement rivers and woven seas, steering by the star of fashion, circumnavigating hostile reefs of tar and bubble gum; one hour, a tanker ferrying champagne to a playboy's sip; the next, a raft in the slime; bon voyage, bright barge! May you dock in calm closets, safe from the rape of shoe trees.

— Tom Robbins

We are the great grassroots campaign of the modern era, built from mousepads, shoe leather and hope.

— Howard Dean

I like to shoot scenes where I can see the beginning, middle and end of the entire scene. But, when you edit a movie together, you can just cut right into the middle. You don't need to see them walk into the room and put their jacket on the chair. There's always a lot of shoe leather that you can remove.

— Judd Apatow

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