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She Is Not Worth It Quotes

Cell phones have a way of disliking the bayou and the river. It must be water thing." "But what about when you werent i the bayou? Surely Calhoun gave you a cell phone to keep in touch when you were in town." "I melted two of them. he decided it wasnt worth it." He looked down at her to see if she was teasing him. Her gaze was all too serious. "You melted them?" She nodded. "I melt things. Accidentally." Nicholas wasnt touching that. Considering all that melting going on inside of him any time he was close to her he could believe shed melted a couple of phones. After all, they were much smaller than he was. His breath chuffed out and he took her hand, deciding to try to diffuse the situation. "Try not to melt any body parts.
— Christine Feehan —

Next Christmas he was going to open this shabby sack of hers ... and put something in the money compartment. She would fritter it away, of course, in small unimportances; so that in the end she would not know what she had done with it; but perhaps a series of small satisfactions scattered like sequins over the texture of everyday life was of greater worth than the academic satisfaction of owning a collection of fine objects at the back of a drawer.

— Josephine Tey

The wonderful science behind taking the chastity pill is to preserve honor, respect, purity and worth. Again, the value of a woman's future is dependent on how well she blocks any advances, foul balls, interceptions or explorations.
It's no surprise I question everything. What does going to the movies have to do with my vagina? What does going to the grocery store at ten pm at night to pick up a package of brownie mix have to do with my vagina? Why is ok for me not to go to a high school football game? Does wearing a tank top instead of a short sleeve shirt compromise my vagina shield? Do I have an Anti-Vagina Defense security chip installed on me that I'm not aware of, one that only works with loose clothing?

— Sadiqua Hamdan

But I do mean to say, I have heard her declare, When at the same moment she had on a dress Which cost five hundred dollars, and not a cent less, And jewelry worth ten times more, I should guess, That she had not a thing in the wide world to wear!

— William Allen Butler

A woman's reputation is her worth ... IT is the way it is. You may hate me for saying so, but there is the truth. Do you not remember that this is how our mother died? She would still be here and Father would be well and none of this would ever have happened if she had simply lived according to the time-trusted codes of society.'
Perhaps it proved impossible. Perhaps she could not fit within so tight a corset. Perhaps I am the same.'
One does not have to like the rules, Gemma. But one does need to adhere to them. That is what makes civilization. Do you think I agree with every ... decision made by my superiors

— Libba Bray

I'm keeping everything on a human level, but essentially everything in our lives has to be on a human level. Any specification of something by art history doesn't make any sense. The point is, if you have a loving, adorable, supportive mother anywhere in the world and you tell her all of your dreams, all of your aspirations, and the reward you would like, and she understands you, then it's not worth doing.

— Lawrence Weiner

Promiscuity does not scare me as long as she is savvy and self possessed when puberty comes to call. My aim is to simply raise my daughter to be secure in her self worth and capable of happiness all on her own.

— Ani DiFranco

The cow knows not what her tail is worth till she has lost it.

— George Herbert

THE THOUGHTFUL LOVER Deny yourself all half things. Have it or leave it. But it will keep-or it is not worth the having. Never start anything you can't finish- However do not lose faith because you are starved! She loves you she says. Believe it -tomorrow. But today the particulars of poetry that difficult art require your whole attention.

— William Carlos Williams

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