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She Doesn't Deserve Quotes

For the first time in my life as a flirt—as something more than just a girl—I found the words. They didnt simply appear. I reasoned them out. I spoke them. Because they were true, and I didnt need anything more than that. "She doesnt deserve you," I said, and before he could dispute it, I continued. "She takes and takes and takes, but she doesnt take the right things. And she doesnt give the right things back. Youre going away now. You dont need her. You probably never needed her. Shes going to make it hell for you, but its over. You know that. Free yourself." He looked at me like I was some kind of oracle. In the best of all worlds, it wouldve been a look of love, an understanding that I was the one, I was it. But it wasnt that. Instead it was something almost as sweet—that mix of recognition and appreciation. That gift of worth.
— David Levithan —

She's a nice girl and she doesn't deserve to be used as a pawn in my father's fucked-up game."
"I'm sorry she's involved and I'm sorry I got you involved. We'll find the money some other way."
Zane wanted to believe what John said, but how they were going to do that, he had no clue.
Alright, we'll figure it out when I get there."
"You on your way back tonight? John asked.
"Yeah, I just need to call Missy, and, hell, I don't know ... apologize, I guess."
"Apologize for sleeping with her because your father told you to? Are you sure you want to do that?" John asked.
"No, I didn't sleep with her." Zane could imagine how bad he'd feel if he had.
"You didn't have sex with girl?" There was shock in Rick's voice.
"What's the matter? Was she ugly?

— Cat Johnson

Teresa Lewis, the only woman on death row in Virginia, says she doesn't deserve the death penalty because she only hired the killers of her husband and stepson, she didn't actually pull the trigger herself. You know, she has a point. I think we should let her be able to hire the person who executes her, and not do yourself in! How's that, doll? Yeah! Get it over with quick, maybe Charlize Theron will sign up to play you.

— Dennis Miller

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