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Shake Up Quotes

Dancing and running shake up the chemistry of happiness.
— Mason Cooley —

Wake up today and shake up the world ... It's a New Year that welcomes you to shine and make your dreams come true.-RVM

— R.v.m.

Wake up, Shake up, Make up and Break up; life is all about moving like ant in search of sugar not sand.

— Santosh Kalwar

In distilled form, though, the explanations of both the right and the left have become mirror images of each other. They are stories of conspiracy, of America being hijacked by an evil cabal. Like all good conspiracy theories, both tales contain just enough truth to satisfy those predisposed to believe in them, without admitting any contradictions that might shake up those assumptions. Their purpose is not to persuade the other side but to keep their bases agitated and assured of the rightness of their respective causes - and lure just enough new adherents to beat the other side into submission.

— Barack Obama

Damien, wake up." I shake his shoulder. "Either we really set the sheets on fire, or something out there is burning.

— J. Kenner

You know those little snow globes that you shake up? I always thought my brain was sort of like that. You know, where you just give it a shake and watch what comes out and shake it again. It's like that.

— Gary Larson

We knew our days were numbered. We had fouled up our lives and we were getting ready for a shake-up.

— Raymond Carver

The best advice that I can offer is that being proactive and a careful planner is key. Think about the major things that could shake up your financial life, and I'll bet there are some great ways to protect yourself.

— Alexa Von Tobel

The sign work of the Orient it runneth up and down; The Talmud stalks from right to left, a rabbi in a gown; The Roman rolls from left to right from Maytime unto May; But the gods shake up their symbols in an absent-minded way. Their language runs to circles like the language of the eyes, Emphasised by strange dilations with little panting sighs.

— Nathalia Crane

The haters just got to hate so just shake it of.

— Taylor Swift

Bush advisers have long been worried that a lagging economy could hamper the president's re-election chances. They hope that the Cabinet shake-up will provide a needed jolt. If that doesn't work, North Korea has to go.

— Jon Stewart

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