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Seriously Stupid Quotes

Its just that most really good-looking people are stupid, so I exceed expectations. Right, its primarily his hotness, I said. It can be sort of blinding, he said. It actually did blind our friend Isaac, I said. Terrible tragedy, that. But can I help my own deadly beauty? You cannot. It is my burden, this beautiful face. Not to mention your body. Seriously, dont even get me started on my hot bod. You dont want to see me naked, Dave. Seeing me naked actually took Hazel Graces breath away, he said, nodding toward the oxygen tank.
— John Green —

Oh man, Alex. That's sad. Seriously, mate, go get yourself laid."
"What?" He gave Baldrick a quick kiss on his little head
he didn't care how stupid he looked, he loved his ugly cat
and put him down on his kitty bed in the corner.
"Isn't that what single sad people do
get cats when they've given up on human companionship?

— L.A. Gilbert

Well, it was stupid ... you could have been seriously hurt, Kellan."
"Better me than you, Kiera," he whispered.

— S.C. Stephens

Percy (talking about Annabeth):I found myself staring at her, which was stupid since I'd seen her a billion times. Still, she seemed so much more mature. It was kind of intimidating. I mean, sure, she'd always been cute, but she was starting to be seriously beautiful.

— Rick Riordan

Once I asked him what kind of women he liked. It was a stupid question, asked by an adolescent looking for something to say. But the Grub took it seriously and considered his reply for a long time. Finally he said, Calm women. And then he added, But only the dead are really calm. And after a while, Not even the dead, come to think of it.

— Roberto Bolaño

When I was a kid, I wanted to be serious, like Daniel Day-Lewis. No one really dreams of being a comic actor, do they? Now I realise how stupid that is - and it's because comic acting isn't taken seriously enough. It's a discipline. You know instantly - either you're funny and getting the laughs, or you're not.

— Chris O'Dowd

I don't know what I believe anymore. If God does exist, then He's just an asshole, creating this world full of human suffering and letting all these terrible things happen to good people, and sitting there and doing nothing about it. At June's memorial service, a few people came up to me and said some really stupid things, like how everything happens for a reason, and God never gives us more than we can handle. All I could think was, does that mean if I was a weaker person, this never would've happened? Am I seriously supposed to buy that June's death was part of some stupid divine plan? I don't believe that. I can't. It just doesn't make sense.

— Hannah Harrington

What I say is stupid. Who takes a comedian seriously? I'm doing sophisticated knock-knock jokes.

— Carlos Mencia

Academic credentials are neither a necessary nor a sufficient condition for having your ideas taken seriously. If a famous professor repeatedly says stupid things, then tries to claim he never said them, there's no rule against calling him a mendacious idiot - and no special qualifications required to make that pronouncement other than doing your own homework.Conversely, if someone without formal credentials consistently makes trenchant, insightful observations, he or she has earned the right to be taken seriously, regardless of background.

— Paul Krugman

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