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Seriously Ill Quotes

It has been reported that I was seriously ill it was another man; dying it was another man; dead the other man again ... As far as I can see, nothing remains to be reported, except that I have become a foreigner. When you hear it, dont you believe it. And dont take the trouble to deny it. Merely just raise the American flag on our house in Hartford and let it talk.
— Mark Twain —

No, seriously, I really don't have much ill-will toward anyone these days; I just ignore the people that I dislike.

— Boyd Rice

Madonna remains the most visible performer on the planet, as well as one of the wealthiest, but would anyone seriously say that artistic self-development is her primary motivating principle? She is too busy with Kabbalah, fashion merchandising, adoption melodramas, the gym, and ill-starred horseback riding to study art.

— Camille Paglia

No one in the United States has become seriously ill or has died because of any kind of accident at a civilian nuclear power plant.

— Joe Barton

James Elly Kleinman, a cousin of mine was seriously ill two or three weeks ago, in New York, but is well now. The report of my illness grew out of his illness, the report of my death was an exaggeration.

— Mark Twain

But we are not going to stand by and go back to allowing people with preexisting conditions to be discriminated against, go back to the situation where people can be thrown off their insurance simply because they become seriously ill or you can't get on your parents' insurance after the age of 20.

— David Axelrod

He'd meant well, or at least he hadn't meant ill. He'd never wanted to hurt anyone, not seriously, not in real space-time. Fantasies didn't count. It

— Margaret Atwood

That very afternoon, Taft fell seriously ill with what doctors mistakenly diagnosed as dengue fever. He remained bedridden for ten days, and when he returned to work, severe rectal pain prevented him from sitting. At the same time, a fungal infection developed in his groin.

— Doris Kearns Goodwin

It's not until you become seriously ill and you nearly die and you're at home for 6 months, that you suddenly stop to realize that this isn't the way I intended it to be in the beginning. Everything that you've done falls away and start wondering why you went through all that rock business stuff.

— Chris Rea

It would be kind of ill to see Rachel McAdams win an Oscar [for Spotlight] - I don't think people give her credit for her range, she started in a kind of character with younger demographic-aged films and really made a push to be taken more seriously and got a lot of opportunities and knocked it out the park. But I feel like Jennifer Jason Leigh deserves one, maybe not just for Hateful Eight but for [Anomalisa] and everything. Like, I tried to watch Adaption again, that's rough!

— Bun B

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