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Sector 9 Quotes

What I see in the corporate sector is very clearly an issue of a major shortfall in the issue of, what some people call confidence, but whatever you want to call it. Clearly people are looking out in the very distant future and they are saying that it is too complex.
— Alan Greenspan —

Africa's agricultural sector has enormous scope for development, which would benefit both the continent's economy and its people.

— Richard Attias

Only electricity can give the transport sector the flexibility to switch fuels when one or more become too expensive.

— Frederick W. Smith

Most people work for the private sector, which cannot exist without profit.

— Larry Elder

Less than 8 percent of private sector workers belonged to a union in 2004, and, overall, only 12.5 percent of American workers carry a union card - down from about one-third of workers in labor's heydays in the 1950s.

— Linda Chavez

Who ever knows what will happen with the economy, and will it affect the Internet? There's so much pouring into the Internet; I would doubt it, but I'm not the greatest predictor. But more than any media sector, I think the Internet will hold up.

— Barry Diller

For a long time, the for-profit world has told us in the not-for-profit sector to behave more like businesses.

— Nancy Lublin

Now, thanks to President [Barack] Obama and the policies of Democrats when we have been able to achieve 73 straight months of sustained growth in the private sector. The longest it has been in American history.

— Debbie Wasserman Schultz

I decided at the outset to invest in a fairly broad range of businesses, as I didn't want to get pigeonholed into one sector.

— Andy Murray

Some of this is bureaucratic ineptitude and a great deal of this is an administration that doesn't understand the urgency of the situation, and therefore this [Barack Obama] administration has not reached out actively to the private sector and said, we need help.

— Carly Fiorina

The private sector is creating a miracle a day, even as the stuff that government attempts is failing left and right.

— Llewellyn Rockwell

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