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Second Opinion Quotes

When I told my wife she was lousy in bed - she went out - she got a second opinion.
— Rodney Dangerfield —

Let me tell you how it's going to be, Justice. You don't tell me who I can and can't have inside my house. I work for the NSO but my personal life is my own. You lost the right to give me your opinion," she stressed that last word, "about what I do or don't do the second you decided you didn't want to see me anymore. You don't want me so don't you dare tell me I can't spend time with other men.

— Laurann Dohner

My psychiatrist told me I was crazy and I said I want a second opinion. He said okay, you're ugly too.

— Rodney Dangerfield

If your doctor tells you you have a rare disease that he or she has never seen, if you've got an incurable cancer, boy, don't accept that. You know, go and get a second opinion.

— Hamilton Jordan

The spirit of our day is a soft acceptance of everything- except deep conviction in anything. The cry used to be for 'tolerance,' by which we meant, 'We have very strong differences, but we will not let those be the cause of hatred or violence between us.' Now it is something else, where all convictions are softened to second or third place while we all agree to enjoy the world as much as we can. But truth is not like conviction. Conviction might be a matter of personal opinion, but truth is like a great mountain, solid and immovable whether we like it or even acknowledge it.

— John Eldredge

A woman tells her doctor, 'I've got a bad back.' The doctor says, 'It's old age.' The woman says, 'I want a second opinion.' The doctor says: 'Okay - you're ugly as well.'

— Tommy Cooper

Fuka-Eri started to offer an opinion on the matter but then had second thoughts and stopped. Her opinion, unvoiced, snack back into the place it had originated from - a deep, dark, unknown place.

— Haruki Murakami

You seem so clear about who you are. So certain that you are just right as you are, that for all your intelligence and maybe in spite of it, you never seem to need a second opinion.

— Alice Walker

With the second 'Captain America,' we really pushed the envelope in terms of what this guy is capable of, which I was excited to see. Because in the first 'Captain America,' he's just strong. In 'Avengers,' it was still, in my opinion, a little bit 'punch, punch, kick, kick.'

— Chris Evans

If a doctor said you had stomach cancer, would you consult Rush Limbaugh for a second opinion? Of course, that sounds like nonsense, but many Americans have no qualms about listening to political commentators and untrained activists when it comes to even more complex scientific questions.

— Kurt Eichenwald

Even if you need, and want, a second opinion, it can be dangerous to have people telling you what they think you ought to add, or cut, before you've even finished telling your story. One loses heart; one loses energy and interest. Or at least I do.

— Donna Tartt

It was tricky [to write about Israelis], because everyone has an opinion about the Arab - Israeli conflict, and when I first started writing these stories, I was working for an Arab - Israeli human rights group. It was during the Second Intifada. It was this totally violent and intense time, and I think there's a part of me where I don't know how to write about that situation without getting my politics out of my messages, and that's something that was important for me not to do in this book.

— Molly Antopol

There are two threats to reason, the opinion that one knows the truth about the most important things and the opinion that there is no truth about them. Both of these opinions are fatal to philosophy; the first asserts that the quest for truth is unnecessary, while the second asserts that it is impossible. The Socratic knowledge of ignorance, which I take to be the beginning point of all philosophy, defines the sensible middle ground between two extremes.

— Allan Bloom

Opinion of ghosts, ignorance of second causes, devotion to what men fear, and talking of things casual for prognostics, consisteth the natural seeds of religion

— Thomas Hobbes

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