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Schulz Quotes

Everyone cites [Charles Schulz], but its with good reason. He taught me timing, tone, character development, practically everything.
— Stephan Pastis —

As Schulz himself has pointed out, Snoopy is capable of being 'one of the meanest' members of the entire Peanuts cast ... he is lazy, he is a 'chow-hound' without parallel, he is bitingly sarcastic, he is frequently a coward, and he often becomes quite weary of being what he is basically
a dog. He is, in other words, a fairly drawn caricature for what is probably the typical Christian.

— Robert L. Short

Some of my favorite media is the still cartoon that you can sit and study. You can get amazing metaphors across really quickly. I'm in awe of a Charles Schulz.

— Bob Peterson

I remember that Charles Schulz, at the end of his life, had eyes full of tears for Charlie Brown. I thought about the reason for all his emotion: he had lived for 50 years with them.

— David Mazzucchelli

There are two ways to look at my publishing career. One is that I'm a novelist churning out books, who is eight into a series; the other way is that I'm a cartoonist, just starting out. Most cartoonists have long careers: Charles Schulz drew Peanuts for 50 years.

— Jeff Kinney

My mother, in the style of the times, told me I could do anything I set my sights on. She said I could be the president, an astronaut, or the next Charles Schulz. I believed her because at that point in my life I hadn't yet noticed the pattern of her deceptions.

— Scott Adams

Schulz told lies in German, and it's unfortunate someone can speak German in this house, but it is our responsibility to stand up against it - the generation of Schulz's parents and the generation of the Arab MKs' parents collaborated to destroy the Jews. (on European Parliament President Martin Schulz)

— Uri Orbach

One can't allow blind loyalty to a friendship to lead one away from acting in the public interest. If Martin [Schulz] were to propose something that was totally absurd, our friendship would not prevent me from doing the opposite.

— Jean-Claude Juncker

There were three of us; Witkiewicz, Bruno Schulz, and myself
the three muskateers of the Polish avant-garde between the wars. Only Witkiewicz remains to be discovered.

— Witold Gombrowicz

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