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Save The Day Quotes

Johnny appeared out of nowhere to save the day, reaching clumsily over Harriets head to punch the correct answer on the touch screen with just milliseconds to spare. Sukie exhaled in relief; she took her quiz machine investments very seriously; after all, £2 could be a small fortune to a student the wrong side of Reading Week.
— Erin Lawless —

Hey, show up with an army of undead warriors to save the day, and suddenly you're everybody's best friend.

— Rick Riordan

It seemed pathetic and terrible to me and it still does, that men and women work eight hours a day at jobs that bring them no joy, no reward save a few dollars.

— Hortense Odlum

A day may sink or save a realm.

— Alfred Lord Tennyson

We talk and tease and bargain with the main dish. Maniacal laughter echoes in the marble halls, sweet to my ears.
There's movement at the banquet hall's entrance. A child with my eyes tumbles in-all wings and blue hair and giggling innocence. Holding his hand is Morpheus, wearing a ruby crown.
The Red King. My king.
The bubble bursts and takes the vision with it, leaving nothing but the sound of my gasp and wisps of gray smoke behind.
"You see," Ivory says, "once Morpheus knew that one day you would belong to him and he to you, that you would share a child, he was no longer willing to die to save Wonderland. But he's insecure about your feelings for him. He feared you would refuse to help. So he made a new plan, however flawed it was."

— A.G. Howard

You can, in short, lead the life of the mind, which is, despite some appalling frustrations, the happiest life on earth. And one day, in the thick of this, approaching some partial vision, you will (I swear) find yourself on the receiving end of - of all things - an "idea for a story," and you will, God save you, start thinking about writing some fiction of your own. Then you will understand, in what I fancy might be a blinding flash, that all this passionate thinking is what fiction is about, that all those other fiction writers started as you did, and are laborers in the same vineyard.

— Annie Dillard

But Clary's a hero at heart- and that means she'll find a way to be the hero she needs to be, to look beyond the skills she doesn't have and draw on the skills she does have to ultimately save the day.

— Sarah Cross

Even if I didn't have any empathy, she did, and that meant I could use it against her. Where logic failed, guilt might save the day.

— Dan Wells

One final thing a director needs: The ability to say 'I am wrong' or 'I was wrong.' Not as easy as it sounds. But in many situations, these 3 words, honestly spoken, will save the day.

— Elia Kazan

I'm not the hero who will always save the day, don't always wear a white hat, don't always know the way. I may not even be the dream you wanted to come true, but I'll always be the man in love with you.

— George Strait

The world is always waiting for someone to save the day, make things better. We've lost hope in politics, preachers ... As a child of God, I just believe that Jesus is our hero, he is the one that came to save man's life, to save man's soul, to restore people back to themselves with a love that's real - an unconditional sacrificial love.

— Kirk Franklin

When you're feeling full of doubt and fear has got you in a bind, love will save the day.

— Whitney Houston

Inject laughter into tense situations to save the day; laughter calms tempers and soothes jangled nerves.

— Wilferd Peterson

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