Rough Times Love Quotes

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Rough Times Love Quotes

You didnt like him, did you, Dad?" "It wasnt that I didnt like him," my dad says slowly. "It was just that he lives in a completely different world, and I worried that he didnt really approve of you the way you are, that he was trying to change you into something else." God, I never realized my dad was that perceptive.. "You see, the thing is," he says after weve both sat for a while in the sunshine, "the thing is that love is really the most important thing. I know its hard for you to see it now" - he chuckles quietly- "but when I first laid eyes on your mother I thought she was fantastic, and Ive never stopped loving her, not for a second. Oh yes, weve had our rough patches, and she can be a bit of an old battle-ax at times, but I still love her. That in-love feeling at the beginning settles down into a different, familiar sort of love, but it has to be there right from the start, otherwise it just wont work.
— Jane Green —

Rough times." Qhuinn shrugged. "And I'm not interested in saints."
"Really? You're in love with one," Layla chimed in.
As Qhuinn glanced over at Blay, his mismatched eyes narrowed.
"Damn straight I am," he said softly.
As the redhead turned red
that connection between the two males became positively tangible.
Love was such a beautiful thing.

— J.R. Ward

Oh gods ... oh gods ... I had hurt him ... so many times, I had hurt him. By trying to hurt myself, I had hurt him. By trying to push him away, I had hurt him. Every time I opened my mouth and belittled myself with my "turns of rough poetry", I had sliced his heart as fine as my wrists. I did not know why he loved me as he did. I might never know. But as I stood there and held him, my back nagging at me and my leg screaming in protest, I realized that the least I could do was welcome his love with an open heart. And part of doing that was loving myself enough to want to live.

— Amy Lane

I just want people to feel like they can achieve something great in their lives. We all go through rough times, but love is the antidote. You've got to dream and just believe in yourself. And if you believe, you will achieve it.

— Common

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