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Richer Quotes

Happiness is one pole, sadness is another. Blissfulness is one pole, misery is another. Life consists of both, and life is richer because of both. A life only of blissfulness will have extension, but will not have depth. A life of only sadness will have depth, but will not have extension.
— Rajneesh —

Most rich countries have reported increases in happiness as they become richer.

— Adam Davidson

I believe we should celebrate new possibilities of combining the printed codex with electronic technology ... The information ecology is getting richer, not thinner.

— Robert Darnton

I've never been in love, but I've always imagined it
like some sort of OxiClean commercial. The TV host shows a scene from an ordinary day, and then takes a big old sponge soaked in love and swipes away the stains. Suddenly that same scene is missing all the mistakes, all the loneliness. The colors are like jewels, ten times richer than they were before. The music is louder and clearer. "Love," the host will say, "makes life a little brighter.

— Jodi Picoult

Films are fun, but life is much richer.

— John Rhys-Davies

That's where I began to ask questions that maybe don't have one specific answer. And the more people you get answers from, the richer the environment becomes.

— John Zorn

A book, I was taught long ago in English class, is a living and breathing document that grows richer with each new reading.

— Malcolm Gladwell

The world we could have is so much richer than the world we have settled for.

— Malcolm Gladwell

Nothing is generous. New knowledge is a valuable commodity. The more truth we have to work with, the richer we are.

— Kurt Vonnegut

May cricket continue to flourish and spread its wings. The world can only be richer for it.

— Donald Bradman

Those who are rich cannot see reasons for poor becoming poorer and those who are poor cannot see reasons for rich getting richer.

— Santosh Kalwar

Make the Universal personal and you become richer, wiser and stronger. Make the personal Universal and you will find freedom, compassion and love

— Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Music possesses much richer means of expression and it is a more subtle medium for translating the 1000 shifting moments of the feelings of the soul.

— Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

If I give you a pfennig, you will be one pfennig richer and I'll be one pfennig poorer. But if I give you an idea, you will have a new idea, but I shall still have it too.

— Albert Einstein

Your weaknesses are the key to the unimaginable bigger future that God has envisioned for you. Your strengths are probably already bearing all the fruit they can. They will continue to bear those good fruits in your life, but at some point they will begin to plateau. Your richer, more abundant future is intimately linked to your weaknesses.

— Matthew Kelly

The roles that are written for women as they grow older in theater are much richer and much more powerful.

— Kathleen Turner

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