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Results Matter Quotes

Results matter! They matter to your credibility.
— Stephen Covey —

Socialism always produces evil results, no matter one's intentions.

— Dave Champion

It's the effort, not the results that matter.

— Maria V. Snyder

If each person in the room promises that in the twenty-four hours beginning the very next day she or he will do at least one outrageous thing in the name of simple justice, then I promise I will, too. It doesn't matter whether the act is as small as saying, "Pick yourself up" (a major step for those of us who have been our family's servants) or as large as calling for a strike. The point is that, if each of us does as promised, we can be pretty sure of two results. First, the world one day later won't be quite the same.
Second, we will have such a good time doing it that we will never again get up in the morning saying, "WILL I do anything outrageous?" but only "WHAT outrageous act will I do today

— Gloria Steinem

There's what I'll call best practices and then there's reality. Based on our research over the past two to three years, there are significant differences in performance results that companies are experiencing with their security programs. There are some common things that are done very well among the best-class enterprises suffering the least amount of breaches and damages. But even having said that, there's probably no way to defeat a serious security threat today and it wouldn't matter what the tool is. The only way to do that would be to unplug the computers.

— Jim Hurley

No matter how frustrated you may feel, there is always a way out. In every situation that arises, we choose to be powerful or powerless. It may not always feel like it, but it is a choice. And there are consequences for these choices in terms of the results we get, and the subsequent increase or decrease in our power and influence. If we choose powerlessness, it is often because we doubt there is any other option.

— Blaine Lee Pardoe

Results should not be too voluntarily aimed at or too busily thought of. They are sure to float up of their own accord from a long enough daily work at a given matter.

— William James

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