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Rest Rejuvenation Quotes

God causes grains and seeds to split and sprout, for He brings life from death and death from life.  Thats how God is to you, so how is it that youre so deceived (about His nature)?  [95]  He splits the dawn (from the night) and made the night for rejuvenation and rest, while the sun and the moon are for counting the passage of time. Thats how Hes arranged (for your world to work, for Hes) the Powerful and the Knowing.  [96]  Hes the One Who made the stars (as reference points) to guide you on your way through the unknown regions of land and sea, and this is how We explain Our signs for people who know.  [97] Hes the One Who produced you all from a single soul.  (So understand that this world that you inhabit) is a place to linger, and its also a point of departure.  This is how We explain Our verses for people who understand. Hes the One Who sends down water from the sky and uses it to produce plants of every kind.
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