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Rene Quotes

Rene looked at Grendel. "What in the world is that?" "Thats our mutant attack poodle," I told her. "Is he chewing on a gun?
— Ilona Andrews —

Gallimard: You have to do what I say! I'm conjuring you up in my mind!
Song: Rene, I've never done what you've said. Why should it be any different in your mind?

— David Henry Hwang

You're also good at protecting and as such you became the woman you needed to be to protect the best part of yourself. The submissive little girl within who wants to play and trust and love and be loved in return without fear. Rene Tanner, Reclaimed Surrender

— Riley Murphy

But so soon as I had achieved the entire course of study at the close of which one is usually received into the ranks of the learned, I entirely changed my opinion. For I found myself embarrassed with so many doubts and errors that it seemed to me that the effort to instruct myself had no effect other than the increasing discovery of my own ignorance. -Rene Descartes, Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting the Reason and Seeking the Truth in the Sciences, 1637

— Stuart Firestein

Like a moth, Rene was attracted to the flame of fame

— James D. Bradley

Late in his life, Rene complained of living a life of a celebrity one minute and a "John Doe" the next.

— James D. Bradley

Saiman picked up a coffee mug, stared at it, and hurled it against the wall. It shattered into a dozen pieces. We looked at him.
"Your date appears to be hysterical," Rene told me.
"You think I should slap some man into him?

— Ilona Andrews

Rene, you want us to find you-don't-know-who and to retrieve his you-don't-know-what for you-won't-tell-me-whom?

— Ilona Andrews

Rene looked at Grendel. "What in the world is that?"
"That's our mutant attack poodle," I told her.
"Is he chewing on a gun?

— Ilona Andrews

On her son Rene: Oh my God, when he's 20 years old what's going to happen to me? I'm gonna marry him.

— Celine Dion

Holy cow." Rene blew out a long, slow whistle and pressed a hand to her chest. "That man is enough to give a girl heart palpitations.

— Cat Johnson

The New Nordic diet originated in 2004, when the visionary chefs Rene Redzepi and Claus Meyer called a symposium of regional chefs to address the public's increasing consumption of processed foods, additives, highly refined grains, and mass-produced poultry and meat.

— Kate Christensen

Congratulations, love. You traded up. Does he treat you well?' 'He's a teddy bear,' I said. Teddy bear looked like he was suffering from murder withdrawal. (Rene and Kate on Jim!)

— Ilona Andrews

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