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Remembering You Quotes

At the end of life, at the end of YOUR life, what essence emerges? What have you filled the world with? In remembering you, what words will others choose?
— Amy Krouse Rosenthal —

What I want is to tie you up and blindfold you and make you learn my touch, so you can't come with anyone else touching you, can't sleep in the dark without remembering my hand on you." Javier's voice drops even further, hushed, secret, only between them. "What I want is to ruin you for anyone else, shape you into something only my hands can hold.

— Dominique Frost

Put that thing down, girl. Don't you know it steals part of your soul, that little mechanical masterpiece you hold so frivolously? Don't you know it's not just mine it seals into its gears and trick mirrors, but yours, too. What you feel at this moment, what you hope for, what your dreams are, what you think your future will unfold like, it steals it all from you, too. You aren't safe just because of the side of the lens you're on. And later, when everything is said and done, and you want to forget everything that happened in these walls, when you're all alone, this picture, this piece of your soul you didn't even know was gone, will haunt you. It will come bearing knives and AKs and nine millimeters, and it will destroy you from the inside out. Put that damned thing down and stop acting like any of this is something worth remembering.

— Shannon Noelle Long

I learned at a very early age, the easiest thing in the world is to tell the truth, and then you don't have to remember what you said. It has nothing to do with morality, just remembering what you said.

— Robert Evans

Only one thing's sadder than remembering you were once free, and that's forgetting you were once free.

— Leonard Peltier

Suffer from the same condition Pup does." "And what's that?" Bear asked, following me out and leaning up sideways against the railing. "We both forgot who the fuck we were." Bear dialed a few numbers; I could hear the ringing through the speaker as he held it up to his ear. "You remembering now?" "Yeah, I'm remembering now." "And who exactly are you?" Bear asked. "I'm the fucking bad guy.

— T.M. Frazier

It was a newsmagazine she was reading, something she hadn't done for quite a while-she turned one page quickly, because she couldn't stand to look at the president's face: His close-set eyes, the jut of his chin, the sight offended her viscerally. She had lived through a lot of things with this country, but she had never lived through the mess they were in now. Here was a man who looked retarded, Olive thought, remembering the remark made by the woman in Moody's store. You could see it in his stupid little eyes. And the country had voted him in! A born-again Christian with a cocaine addiction. So they deserved to go to hell, and would.

— Elizabeth Strout

Your hope in my heart is the rarest treasure
Your Name on my tongue is the sweetest word
My choicest hours
Are the hours I spend with You -
O God, I can't live in this world
Without remembering You

— Rabia Basri

Children make you confront your own childhood. Which I think is common. Suddenly you're remembering your own parents as parents, not to mention the fact that you're confronted by them as grandparents. So you also have that terrible shock, a mirror image of your own. You suddenly seem to be so helpless in the face of young children. And you think, "How did you ever bring up me?"

— Sam Mendes

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