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Remembering You Mom Quotes

Its been a year. Its been a really hard year without you. Losing you felt like jumping off the bridge and forgetting which way was up. I dont think Ill ever be over it, but Im starting to find my way through it. Mom said when a person dies, you dont get over it by forgetting; you get through it by remembering. Ive been remembering everything lately.
— Courtney C. Stevens —

I HAVE SOME QUESTIONS ABOUT KING TRITON. Specifically, King, why are you elderly but with the body of a teenage Beastmaster? How do you maintain those monster pecs? Do they have endocrinologists under the sea? Because I am scheduling you some bloodwork ...
... Question: How come, when they turn back into humans at the end of Beauty and the Beast, Chip is a four-year-old boy, but his mother, Mrs. Potts, is like 107? Perhaps you're thinking, "Lindy, you are remembering it wrong. That kindly, white-haired, snowman-shaped Mrs. Doubtfire situation must be Chip's grandmother." Not so, champ! She's his mom. Look it up. She gave birth to him four years ago ... As soon as you become a mother, apparently, you are instantly interchangeable with the oldest woman in the world, and / or sixteen ounces of boiling brown water with a hat on it. Take a sec and contrast Mrs. Pott's literally spherical body with the cut-diamond abs of King Triton, father of seven.

— Lindy West

Remember when you fell out of that tree on the farm when you were ten, and broke your arm? Remember how he made them let him ride with you in the ambulance on the way to the hospital? He kicked and yelled till they gave in." "You laughed," said Clary, remembering, "and my mom hit you in the shoulder." "It was hard not to laugh. Determination like that in a 10-year-old is something to see. He was like a pit bull." "If pit bulls wore glasses and were allergic to ragweed." -Luke and Clary talking about Simon, pg.211-

— Cassandra Clare

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