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Remain Calm Quotes

Gary was looking from one to the other in alarm. "What is it?" "Remain calm. Savannah is very sensitive to evil. She can feel it, and I can touch it through her, but I cannot detect it within the room myself." "Are we in danger?" Gary found the idea more exciting than frightening. He was looking forward to action. Rambo style. Savannah and Gregori exchanged a sudden smile. "Gary." Savannah couldnt help herself. "Youve seen too many movies.
— Christine Feehan —

Chris Bradford Quotes: A samurai must remain calm at all times
A samurai must remain calm at all times even in the face of danger.

— Chris Bradford

Writing is ... being able to take something whole and fiercely alive that exists inside you in some unknowable combination of thought, feeling, physicality, and spirit, and to then store it like a genie in tense, tiny black symbols on a calm white page. If the wrong reader comes across the words, they will remain just words. But for the right readers, your vision blooms off the page and is absorbed into their minds like smoke, where it will re-form, whole and alive, fully adapted to its new environment.

— Mary Gaitskill

Julie Andrews Edwards Quotes: If you remain calm in the midst of great
If you remain calm in the midst of great chaos, it is the surest guarantee the it will eventually subside

— Julie Andrews Edwards

I adore the ocean and its vastness, as if it is trying to teach me something, as if it is trying to teach me to remain calm whatever the situation maybe. It holds such a huge amount of water but always remains content and at peace, while we people lose our calm even at smallest of tensions that we get in life. It teaches us to keep our secrets safe within. It has an entire habitat residing in its heart, but we haven't been able to explore it fully, same way, we must keep our secrets tightly bound within us. If we will share them, the world will lose the curiosity, just like we will lose curiosity if we will come to know fully about the aquatic life. It teaches us to provide without seeking. It houses innumerable species inside and never asks them for anything, we must also help the needy and provide if we have in abundance. The ocean teaches us lessons that books or school can't teach us.

— Mehek Bassi

Remain calm, serene, always in command of yourself. You will then find out how easy it is to get along.

— Paramahansa Yogananda

When a human being has been taken over by their inner rage it can be very distressing for those around them and unless they are able to remain calm, present and conscious, their inner rage will also be ignited with sometimes devastating results.

— Christopher Dines

I had thought about forgiveness more and more ... I knew it wasn't a light that could be switched on in an instant-it grew day by day, week by week, month by month-but something was changing inside me now during the hours when I sat alone and tried to calm my feelings. A seed had been sown, and I sensed that, just as I'd once faced a choice about whether to use violence on the night when I stared at the gun, I know had another choice: to remain trapped in the bitterness of the past or to find peace in the present.

— Emmanuel Jal

You can't do traditional work at a modern pace. Traditional work has traditional rhythms. You need calm. You can be busy, but you must remain calm.

— Bill Buford

Be a duck, remain calm on the surface and paddle like hell underneath.

— Michael Caine

Gary was looking from one to the other in alarm. "What is it?"
"Remain calm. Savannah is very sensitive to evil. She can feel it, and I can touch it through her, but I cannot detect it within the room myself."
"Are we in danger?" Gary found the idea more exciting than frightening. He was looking forward to action. Rambo style.
Savannah and Gregori exchanged a sudden smile. "Gary." Savannah couldn't help herself. "You've seen too many movies.

— Christine Feehan

She took two steps to the left. He shadowed her. She took three quick steps to the right. He did the same.
"You ... you're ... " She couldn't even think straight.
"I need you to remain calm."
"Fuck you!"
"That's not calm.

— Shelly Laurenston

Stanley always followed the rules. All sorts of things could go wrong if you didn't.
So far he'd done 1:Upon Discovery of the Fire, Remain Calm.
Now he'd come to 2: Shout 'Fire!' in a Loud, Clear Voice.
'Fire!' he shouted, and then ticked off 2 with his pencil.
Next was: 3: Endeavour to Extinguish Fire If Possible.
Stanley went to the door and opened it. Flames and smoke billowed in. He stared at them for a moment, shook his head, and shut the door.
Paragraph 4 said: If Trapped by Fire, Endeavour to Escape. Do Not Open Doors If Warm. Do Not Use Stairs If Burning. If No Exit Presents Itself Remain Calm and Await a) Rescue or b) Death.

— Terry Pratchett

I'm not the best gamer - I think you need to be strategic and level-headed, and you need to remain calm under pressure ... and I don't really have those qualities!

— Jaime Murray

Tess Gerritsen Quotes: Its the crudest insult he could fling at
It's the crudest insult he could fling at me, yet I manage to remain calm because nothing he says can hurt me now. I simply don't care. Instead I laugh. "You know, I've just realized something about you. You really are a bastard." "At least I'm not the one who wants to fuck the bush guide." "How do you know I haven't already?" He flings himself onto his side, turning his back to me.

— Tess Gerritsen

George Friedman Quotes: A president must know what it is he does
A president must know what it is he does not know, and he should remain calm in pursuit of it, but there is no obligation to be honest about it.

— George Friedman

Mehmet Murat Ildan Quotes: A lake cannot remain stormy for a long
A lake cannot remain stormy for a long time; an ocean cannot remain calm for a long time; everything and everyone cannot behave different from his own character for a long time!

— Mehmet Murat Ildan

One of the best lessons you can learn in life is to master how to remain calm.

— Karen Salmansohn

As a lifelong practitioner of martial arts, I'm trained to remain calm in the face of adversity and danger.

— Steven Seagal

Around women, I try to remain calm and collected.

— Slim Jimmy

David Wong Quotes: Your lets remain calm and stay put
Your 'let's remain calm and stay put' speech would be a lot more convincing if you weren't giving it in front of a pile of burning skeletons.

— David Wong

Kalina remained paralyzed in her seat. "Oh, crap. Aaron was a vampire." She straightened up. Remain calm, Kalina. Breathe. "You're not going to eat me, are you?"
"No," said Stuart. "Not all vampires feed on humans. I choose not to. I drink Vampire Wine."
"Vampire Wine." Kalina put the pieces together. "Jaegar ... I thought he was kidding ... "
"And Aaron drank Vampire Wine, too. To avoid succumbing to temptation. To avoid drinking blood whenever he got too ... excited ... "
Kalina's eyes widened. "So you mean ... "
"Vampire Wine wasn't the problem, Kalina. It was the only solution.

— Kailin Gow

Nickie was so tired of the Crisis. It had been going on now for months. On TV and the radio, it was all you ever heard about: how Our Side and Their Side had come almost, but not quite, to the point of declaring all-out war. In the last week or so, the radio had started broadcasting frightening instructions every hour: In the event of a declaration of war or a large-scale terrorist attack, cities will be evacuated in an orderly fashion ... . Residents will be directed to safe locations ... . Citizens should remain calm ... .

— Jeanne DuPrau

Few people make sound or sustainable decisions in an atmosphere of chaos. The more serious the situation, usually accompanied by a deadline, the more likely everyone will get excited and bounce around like water on a hot skillet. At those times I try to establish a calm zone but retain a sense of urgency. Calmness protects order, ensures that we consider all the possibilities, restores order when it breaks down, and keeps people from shouting over each other. You are in a storm. The captain must steady the ship, watch all the gauges, listen to all the department heads, and steer through it. If the leader loses his head, confidence in him will be lost and the glue that holds the team together will start to give way. So assess the situation, move fast, be decisive, but remain calm and never let them see you sweat.

— Colin Powell

The ability to manage your emotions and remain calm under pressure has a direct link to your performance.

— Travis Bradberry

Allons! whoever you are come travel with me!
Traveling with me you find what never tires.
The earth never tires,
The earth is rude, silent, incomprehensible at first, Nature is rude and incomprehensible at first,
Be not discouraged, keep on, there are divine things well envelop'd,
I swear to you there are divine things more beautiful than words can tell.
Allons! we must not stop here,
However sweet these laid-up stores, however convenient this dwelling we cannot remain here,
However shelter'd this port and however calm these waters we must not anchor here,
However welcome the hospitality that surrounds us we are permitted to receive it but a little while."
-from "Song of the Open Road

— Walt Whitman

Well, best to remain vigilant. It's when everything is calm that you need to be most alert.

— Brandon Sanderson

You may think you're getting the short end of the stick, but when it's all said and done, God will make sure that you don't lose anything truly valuable. Moreover, He'll make sure you get your just reward. Your responsibility is to remain calm and peaceable even when those around you are not.

— Joel Osteen

As long as I can concentrate and remain somewhat calm, I can normally do very well.

— Al Oerter

The world is not looking for more doctrinal proof of the reality of God! It is not looking for greater proof of the resurrection or better arguments about creation. The world is looking for Christians who can stand up to every crisis, fear, trouble and difficulty and remain calm and at rest in the midst of it all. The world needs to see God's children trusting wholly in their Lord.

— David Wilkerson

To prevent becoming overwhelmed by the world around us, we must, as the ancients practiced, learn how to limit our passions and their control over our lives. It takes skill and discipline to bat away the pests of bad perceptions, to separate reliable signals from deceptive ones, to filter out prejudice, expectation, and fear. But it's worth it, for what's left is truth. While others are excited or afraid, we will remain calm and imperturbable. We will see things simply and straightforwardly, as they truly are-neither good nor bad.

— Ryan Holiday

You will come across obstacles in life
fair and unfair. And you will discover, time and time again, that what matters most is not what these obstacles are but how we see them, how we react to them, and whether we keep our composure. You will learn that this reaction determines how successful we will be in overcoming
or possibly thriving because of
them. Where one person sees a crisis, another can see opportunity. Where one is blinded by success, another sees reality with ruthless objectivity. Where one loses control of emotions, another can remain calm.

— Ryan Holiday

Where one person sees a crisis, another can see opportunity. Where one is blinded by success, another sees reality with ruthless objectivity. Where one loses control of emotions, another can remain calm. Desperation, despair, fear, powerlessness-these reactions are functions of our perceptions. You must realize: Nothing makes us feel this way; we choose to give in to such feelings. Or, like Rockefeller, choose not to. And it is precisely at this divergence-between how Rockefeller perceived his environment and how the rest of the world typically does-that his nearly incomprehensible success was born.

— Ryan Holiday

Before a fight I empty my mind. Every fighter is able to lose. It is not a big thing. You have to accept what comes and remain calm.

— Lyoto Machida

Ryron Gracie Quotes: Once you learn to remain calm under the
Once you learn to remain calm under the stressful circumstances of a fight, you will have no trouble remaining calm under the stressful circumstances of life.

— Ryron Gracie

Those who are truly wise will remain unmoved by feelings of happiness and suffering, fame and disgrace, praise and blame, gain and loss.They will remain calm like the eye of a hurricane.

— Gautama Buddha

The new cosmic story emerging into human awareness overwhelms all previous conceptions of the universe for the simple reason that it draws them all into its comprehensive fullness. Who can learn what this means and remain calm?

— Brian Swimme

Whenever your mind is totally absorbed in whatever activities you are performing, your mind will remain calm and content.

— Chin-Ning Chu

Meditation may require a lifetime to master, but it will have been a lifetime well spent ... If you want to judge your progress, ask yourself these questions: Am I more loving? Is my judgment sounder? Do I have more energy? Can my mind remain calm under provocation? Am I free from the conditioning of anger, fear, and greed? Spiritual awareness reveals itself as eloquently in character development and selfless action as in mystical states.

— Eknath Easwaran

Sri Chinmoy Quotes: How do you meditate you meditate with an
How do you meditate? You meditate with an inner cry. There should be an inner cry here, in the heart. The outer cry is ego-centred; it wants name and fame ... While you are feeling this inner cry, you try to make the mind absolutely calm and quiet. If a thought enters your mind, you try to reject it. Consider this thought as a fly. When a fly comes to land on your arm, you don't allow the fly to remain; you just wave your hand and it goes away.

— Sri Chinmoy

Nhat Hanh Quotes: Many of us worry about the situation of
Many of us worry about the situation of the world ... We need to remain calm, to see clearly. Meditation is a means to be aware, and to try to help.

— Nhat Hanh

Don't use your faith to try to get rid of problems. Use your faith to remain calm in the midst of your problems.

— Joel Osteen

Paramahansa Yogananda Quotes: Those who are unconquered in spirit are
Those who are unconquered in spirit are the real successes in life. If you can so train or condition your mind that you are content regardless of what you have or do not have, and if you can stand the challenge of all your trials and remain calm-that is true happiness.

— Paramahansa Yogananda

Focusing intently on Christ naturally results in a lifestyle of increasingly greater selflessness. And it has another benefit. Gazing on Christ gives us greater ability to look past life's trials and remain calm in the midst of what others would call chaos.

— Charles R. Swindoll

Rajneesh Quotes: Because of watching your breath and
Because of watching your breath and thoughts you have come to know now that you are neither thoughts nor your breath, you are the watcher, the witness. This is awareness. This is what I call meditation. Once you have known this awareness you are unidentified with your body, with your mind. Now you experience a vastness inside you, in one sense utterly empty and in another sense overflowingly full. Because of its emptiness you will remain calm and quiet. And because of its overflowing fullness you will be creative.

— Rajneesh

I have the strength to remain calm in the face of change.

— Louise Hay

Remain calm, be kind.

— Colin Powell

While they flail about, you will remain calm in the knowledge that you possess strength from within.

— Henry Rollins

Having reached a high level of realization (or having accomplished anything in life), don't get excited or puffed up with pride but remain calm, humble, and in "perfect equanimity" if you want to continue in this deep state of consciousness.

— Laozi

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