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Reliever Quotes

My mom let me kind of run free and be rowdy. She encouraged it. Im a youngest child. So I was spazzy and trying to be funny to my older sisters. Its kind of my role in the family - tension reliever. I was funny or annoying, depending on your perspective.
— Andy Samberg —

Over the years, Skye sampled every drug she could find, and like many addicts, had a working knowledge of pharmacology. She snorted coke and swallowed pills. She took downers-orange and red Seconal, red and ivory Dalmane, Miltown, Librium, Luminal, Nembutal, and Quaaludes. Blue devils, red birds, purple hearts. Enough of them sank her in a kind of coma, where she watched her own limbs suspended in front of her in syrup. For a party, there was Benzedrine, rushing in her veins and making her talk for an hour in one long sentence. Day to day, she carried yellow tablets loose in her pockets, Dilaudid and Percodan, and chewed them in the back of classrooms. But her favorite was the greatest pain reliever of them all, named for the German word for hero.

— Frederick Weisel

We were putting into these gomers our fear of death, but who knew if they feared death? Perhaps they welcomed death like a dear long-lost cousin, grown old but still known, coming to visit, relieving the loneliness, the failing of the senses, the fury of the half-blind looking into the mirror and not recognizing who is looking back, a dear friend, a dear reliever, a healer who would be with them for an eternity, the same eternity as the long ago, before birth.

— Samuel Shem

Money can't buy happiness, but it certainly is a stress reliever.

— Besa Kosova

Creating something I can use is the best stress reliever.

— Blake Lively

Bouncing on beds, I remember from childhood, is a great depression reliever.

— Robert M. Pirsig

The only way I'd need a pain reliever to enjoy sex is if all of my fantasies came true at the same time.

— Drew Carey

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