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Re Planning Quotes

His biggest rule was that you didnt involve anyone who wasnt already playing the game. Or, as he phrased it, if you have to kill innocent bystanders, then your planning is at fault and someone should best eliminate you.
— Martha Wells —

It's when you stop planning every last detail that you discover the fun in life.

— Joanne Clancy

One day, an unusually exciting event interrupted the rhythm of our regular middle-class teenage lives. A Russian woman, the mother of a girl in our class, was run over by a New York City bound train right in the center of town. Our classmate left school in the middle of the semester. The gossip was that the woman must have thrown herself under the train. The adults whispered about reasons, usual ones, but my friends and I were too busy planning what to wear to the prom to wonder about the savagery of adult passion.

— Inna Swinton

His biggest rule was that you didn't involve anyone who wasn't already playing the game. Or, as he phrased it, if you have to kill innocent bystanders, then your planning is at fault and someone should best eliminate you.

— Martha Wells

(I really believe that a building is a unit, not a city, so that city planning should not control all buildings. Because a house can be the product of one man, but a city cannot. And nothing collective can have the unity and integrity of a "unit.")

— Ayn Rand

'Alice' took over two years to make and took a great deal of planning, obviously much more than usual. We spent so much more time prepping the film, and that was unique for us.

— Jennifer Todd

Whether you are just entering the workforce or nearing retirement age, planning for the future is critical.

— Ron Lewis

I was too busy writing sad ballads to unrequited love in my head and planning a life where my hand would be my boyfriend.

— T.J. Klune

I'm a great believer in spontaneity because I think planning is the most destructive thing in the world.

— John Cassavetes

I studied to be an architect. And I find tremendous similarities between building a company and the design process. Businesses have to do their planning on the fly in a fashion similar to an architect sketching.

— John Katzman

I volunteered at Meals on Wheels, which is a place where you go and deliver healthy meals to people who are more homebound. I did that, and I had so much fun doing it, and I'm definitely planning on doing it again.

— Kendall Jenner

During my training to become an airline captain, I had to learn how to navigate an airplane over long distances. Flights over huge oceans, crossing extensive deserts, and connecting continents need careful planning to ensure a safe arrival at the planned destination.

— Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Planning my food a bit helps me. Knowing what I'm going to be eating for lunch helps, instead of getting hungry and then looking for something.

— Sasha Alexander

The emptiness I speak about is not the emptiness the mind imagines. It is not blank. Your body can continue expressing in a natural way. Intelligence is there. Emotions can come. Everything can play, but inside there is total serenity and peace. No planning, no strategising, no personal identity is there. Just the space of pure being. It is what we are, but we dream and believe we are not.

— Mooji

There's none as deaf as those who won't listen. I get letters. If they are moronic, they go in the wastepaper basket, but if they are reasonable points, I try to explain. I am planning for the long-term future. I am planning for the long-term future. People say build a team not a hotel, but that argument is irrelevant. It's like fish or meat

— Ken Bates

Intelligent planning is essential for success in any undertaking designed to accumulate riches.

— Napoleon Hill

Doing the right things for the wrong reasons is typical of humanity. Precession - not conscious planning - provides a productive outcome for misguided political and military campaigns.

— R. Buckminster Fuller

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