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Quotes About You Want

Thats how you tell what a mans really made of. Its one thing for a man to be big and brave and kill a spider. Any man could do that. Trailin after a woman when shes shopping for thongs and push-up bras is a whole other category of man. And then if you want to see how far you can go with it, you ask him to carry one of those little pink bags they give you.
— Janet Evanovich —

Will you be okay or is there something I could help you with?"
"I'm just going to change in to comfy clothes and hit the sheets."
"And what's the verdict on whether or not you want my help with that?" He flashed a cocky smile at me. He was undeniably sexy, in an "I-have-poison-blood-in-my-veins" sort of way.

— Kelly Hashway

You'll do what you think you want to do, or what you think you ought to do. If you're very lucky, luckier than anybody I know, the two will coincide.

— Wallace Stegner

Loving someone is taking a constant risk with your emotions. When you find the right person,the one you know you want to be with, that person becomes worth the risk.

— Monica Murphy

You can be anything, you want to be in this life.

— M.H. Rakib

Research shows that our social networks narrow across adulthood, as careers and families become busier and more defined. So-even and especially as we job-hop and move cross-country and change roommates and spend our weekends about town-this is the time to be connecting, not just with the same people having the same conversations about how work is lame or how there are no good men out there, but with those who might see things a little differently. Weak ties are the people who will better your life right now-and again and again in the years to come-if you have the courage to know what you want.

— Meg Jay

That's why we all play the game. You want to be a player; you want to be out there to play.

— Jimmy Garoppolo

How to get back on the right track can be quite simple if you know what you want.

— Steven Redhead

If you want a bourgeois existence, you shouldn't be an actor. You're in the wrong profession.

— Uta Hagen

I want what you want. Whenever you want it.

— Cassandra Clare

When picking a show, I took into consideration who my fans are. Let's be honest, Buffy was a mid-season replacement on The WB, based on a failed movie. If it wasn't for the outpouring of fans and critics supporting us, we would have been canceled after four episodes. Sure, you want to stretch and you want to do different things, but it's also our job to think about who our fans are and what they want to see. Ultimately, that's why we do.

— Sarah Michelle Gellar

The universe knows the perfect timing for all those things you want and will find, through the crack of least resistance, the best way to deliver it to you.

— Esther Hicks

Doing what you want to do is life.

— Wallace D. Wattles

I love 'Last Friday Night' by Katy Perry almost as much as 'Karma Police',
and if you want to straddle that line, you have to take the slings and arrows.

— Chris Martin

Caroline says as she gets up from the floor, you can hit me all you want to, but I don't love you anymore.

— Lou Reed

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