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Quotes About You Did It

Perry ... ," Aria said, covering his hand. "Peregrine ... you are kind. You put your life at risk for Talon and Cinder. For me. You did it when you didnt even like me. You worry about your tribe. You ache for Roar and your sister. I know you do. I saw it in your face every time Roar spoke of Live." Her voice was shaking. She swallowed the lump in her throat. "You are good, Peregrine." He shook his head. "Youve seen me." "I have. And I know your heart is good.
— Veronica Rossi —

People who make snide comments to authors like "anyone can write a book" or "well, you did it, so obviously I can/it can't be that hard" or poke at a book because it's "romance" or "genre fiction" and act like that somehow makes it substandard because they don't read it ... well, ok, go ahead. Write a bestseller. Don't forget to go through the correct edit process. We'll wait.

— Michelle M. Pillow

There was no fast and painless way to perform an amputation, Tessia knew. Not if you did it properly.

— Trudi Canavan

When I started DJ'ing, it was no big thing. There was no money in DJ'ing, and you did it purely for the love of playing music.

— Paul Oakenfold

No one would blow up their entire country in the hope that a few angels might be in the air when you did it. It's just not responsible nuke behavior."
"Unlike nuclear cow missiles," says Dum.

— Susan Ee

I remember that day, how you took a $50 cab from work, how you held me in the doorway until I stopped shaking. We had told people. We had to untell them. You did it so I wouldn't have to speak. Later, you made me a dinner of all the things I hadn't been allowed to eat. Cured meat, unpasteurized cheese. Two bottles of wine, then finally, sleep.

— Jenny Offill

I had more positive views. Which made me feel that although I hadn't been taught to assimilate, a person perhaps assimilated without knowing it. I was doing it now. You did it alone, and not with other or for them. And assimilating possibly wasn't so hard and risky and didn't need to be permanent. This state of mind conferred another freedom on me and was like starting life over, or as I've already said, becoming someone else
but someone who was not stalled but moving, which was the nature of things in the world. I could like it or hate it, but the world would change around me no matter how I felt.

— Richard Ford

What one thing could you do in your personal and professional life that, if you did it on a regular basis, would make a tremendous positive difference in your life?

— Stephen R. Covey

Be a father, if not, why bother, son?
A boy can make 'em, but a man can raise one.
If you did it, admit it and stick with it.

— Ed O.G.

You're thinking to yourself, 'How is it possible that I am going to pay back $150,000 in student loans? I'm never going to pay that back. What am I going to do?' Listen to me and listen to me good, class of 2013. I want you to think back to all of these things you said to yourself, 'I can't do that. I can't palpate a cow. And what's worse, palpating a cow or taking semen from a horse?' But you did it, didn't you?

— Suze Orman

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