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Quotes About You And Me Love

Love is real, real is love, Love is feeling, feeling love, Love is wanting to be loved. Love is touch, touch is love, Love is reaching, reaching love, Love is asking to be loved. Love is you, You and me, Love is knowing, We can be. Love is free, free is love, Love is living, living love, Love is needing to be loved.
— John Lennon —

I'm not, even if you think I am. But no matter what this started out as ... an accident, fate, whatever-I'm glad you found me that night. Not because of what happened, but because of now. Because I get to be here with you. And I'm scared, too, but-but thank you for telling me today. Thank you for trusting me with that. I've never ... " I pressed my lips together, trying to find the right words. "I've never felt like this for anyone. And I'm not really sure what falling in love feels like, but I think-I know I have. With you.

— Aimee Carter

Love is when someone puts you on a pedestal and yet when you fall, they're there to catch you anyway.' - Tara Daniels

— Jill Shalvis

If you love somebody set them free- it also works equally well if you hate somebody

— Josh Stern

Oh, you mean like Orpheo rescuing Euniphon from the Underworld?" said Roland.
Rob Anybody just stared.
"It's a myth from Ephebe," Roland went on. "It's supposed to be a love story, but it's really a metaphor for the annual return of summer. There's a lot of versions of that story."
( ... )
"A metaphor is a kind o' lie to help people understand what's true," said Billy Bigchin, but this didn't help much.

— Terry Pratchett

Love those who love you back; leave those who think lust is love.

— Vinita Kinra

8He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justlyw and to love mercy and to walk humblya x with your God.y

— Anonymous.

It's frightening when things you love appear suddenly changed from what you have always known.

— Barbara Kingsolver

Imagine Him smiling down on you right now. Embrace His love. Remember, you are His most prized possession, the apple of His eye!

— Victoria Osteen

I love Jere more than anybody. He's my brother, my family. I hate myself for doing this. But when I see you two together, I hate him too." His voice broke.
"Don't marry him. Don't be with him. Be with me.

— Jenny Han

I remember my mother saying to me on one occasion, 'Mel, I know that I can count on you.' I resolved that she would always be able to count on me. I would not let her down. I loved her too much. Her confidence in me meant everything. Today I still feel that way. I feel that way about the Brethren. I don't ever want to let President Hinckley or any of the other leaders of the Church down. But, even more important, I never want to let the Savior down, because I love Him more than anything else.

— F. Melvin Hammond

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