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Quotes About Work And Purpose

Three quotes from the same column: Self-reliance "work" is intimately connected to human dignity "purpose." "Work" and "purpose" are intimately connected: Researchers at the University of Michigan, for example, found that welfare payments make one unhappier than a modest income honestly earned and used to provide for ones family. If youre wondering why every Big Government program assumes youre a feeble child, thats because a citizenry without "work and purpose" is ultimately incompatible with liberty.
— Mark Steyn —

I think the studio gave me that series on purpose, because they knew perfectly well that Robert Riskin was ill and that I needed to go to work. They gave me that series to do.

— Fay Wray

When we look at the whole scope of this story line, we see clearly that Christianity is not only about getting one's individual sins forgiven so we can go to heaven. That is an important means of God's salvation, but not the final end or purpose of it. The purpose of Jesus's coming is to put the whole world right, to renew and restore the creation, not to escape it. It is not just to bring personal forgiveness and peace, but also justice and shalom to the world. God created both the body and soul, and the resurrection of Jesus shows that he is going to redeem both body and soul. The work of the Spirit of God is not only to save souls but also to care and cultivate the face of the earth, the material world.

— Timothy Keller

In books, you can just wallow in dialogue, and you can just wallow in written words. In screenplays, every line has to serve the purpose of the line that's implied before it and the line that's implied after it. Maybe five lines have to do the work of fifty lines.

— Chuck Palahniuk

Classically, cosmetics companies will take highly theoretical, textbookish information about the way that cells work-the components at a molecular level or the behavior of cells in a glass dish-and then pretend it's the same as the ultimate issue of whether something makes you look nice. "This molecular component," they say, with a flourish, "is crucial for collagen formation." And that will be perfectly true (along with many other amino acids which are used by your body to assemble protein in joints, skin, and everywhere else), but there is no reason to believe that anyone is deficient in it or that smearing it on your face will make any difference to your appearance. In general, you don't absorb things very well through your skin, because its purpose is to be relatively impermeable. When you sit in a bath of baked beans for charity, you do not get fat, nor do you start farting.

— Ben Goldacre

Sanctified ignorance is the belief that if we love God and have committed our lives to Him, everything will work out ... Sanctified ignorance is no excuse for a life out of alignment, lacking joy, fulfillment, and a clear sense of accomplishment ... Look at how God has uniquely gifted you in your skills and abilities, personality traits, and values, dreams and passions. It is in these that we find the authentic path designed for us for a purpose-driven life.

— Dan Miller

People never realize how much work impacts there self esteem and sense of purpose until they leave a job.

— Rob Payne

There is nothing like understanding that your work has touched somebody. That is the sole purpose of acting. To be able to move and inspire. If I can do that for one person it is already changing the world and that makes me feel accomplished.

— Scott Cohen

Seurat and Signac mixed paintings with the dry and abstract laws of science. This approach, in my opinion, usually strays from the purpose of art in general. Because it means that one cannot expect from an artifact, that is created with mathematical laws, to establish an improbable and irrational relationship between the work and the viewer.

— Guity Novin

Make work a purpose, not just a place.

— Tom Rath

[ ... ] we must start by inspiring our children with a sense of purpose ... by nurturing their imagination so that they may dream big and then work hard to reach those dreams. Too often, our children spend hours playing Playstation without ever finding out how to build Playstation. They watch television but never wonder how it's put together. They surf web page after web page on the Internet, but are never taught how to design one.

— Barack Obama

Ed Wood served a great purpose - mainly making writers feel better about their work.

— R. K. Milholland

The ownership of money and property comes as a result of doing things in a certain way; those who do things in this Certain Way, whether on purpose or accidentally, get rich; while those who do not do things in this Certain Way, no matter how hard they work or how able they are, remain poor.

— Wallace D. Wattles

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