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Quotes About Words

Firefighter is one of the few jobs kind enough to warn me away by containing two words Im not interested in, unlike the deceptive bookkeeper.
— Joel Stein —

I can't do this with you, Vincent." Lexi stepped back, putting some distance between them.
"We belong together." There was no doubt, no question in his voice, as he said the words, only
utter certainty.

— Victoria Michaels

Words that comes out of your mouth describes you character and personalty

— Beta Metani'Marashi

I find that often simple words say all that needs to be said in less time, using less energy, with all the details wanted- fully in tact. Love it.

— Sereda Aleta Dailey

Sometimes words are like water and lips as strong as wine.

— Dave Guerrero

If words can be lethal weapons, I must provide them with an arsenal.

— Orson Scott Card

I assumed he knew that your coach was abusing you. I realized in the limo that he didn't."
For a moment, there is only silence. When Damien speaks, his words are ice cold. "He knew.

— J. Kenner

That they will find each other during the play, once more, in the words of Shakespeare.

— Gayle Forman

You and me, Tina. It's gonna happen ... Mark my words, baby.

— Belle Aurora

Big Rube was on my first album and some of my mixtapes. His words are so powerful. I want to speak every word he says into existence. I wanna be a part of that! I wanna be a part of greatness. His wordplay is great to me.

— Nayvadius Cash

She smiled then, an adorable, sweet smile that took his breath away. He forgot all about trying to maintain an air of civility. His inner caveman came barreling out, grunting and pounding his chest and muttering unintelligible words.

— Maya Banks

Your words become the mirror in which others see themselves.

— Sharon Jaynes

And what is the primary datum? It's the felt presence of immediate experience. In other words, being here now is the primary datum.

— Terence McKenna

The Democrats are going to change the name of the Hoover Dam. That is the silliest thing I ever heard of in politics ... Lord if they feel that way about it, I don't see why they don't just reverse the two words.

— Will Rogers

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