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Quotes About Witty

Id rather walk these chasms with a compulsive murderer than you. At least then, when the conversation got tedious, Id have an easy way out." "And your feet stink," [Shallan] said. "See? Too early. I cant possibly be witty at this hour. So no arguments." She hesitated, then continued more softly. "Besides, no murderer would agree to accompany you. Everyone needs to have some standards, after all.
— Brandon Sanderson —

You're smart and witty. You're so talented and really have an eye for advertising. Trust in that, and trust in the person who interviewed you today to see that about you.

— Victoria Michaels

There was tremendous affection in Billy's eyes, or at least they held a tremendous offer of affection, a tremendous willingness to find whomever he was talking to bright and witty and better than most

— Alice McDermott

WYTIWYG" (pronounced "witty-wig"): What You Test Is What You Get.

— Kelly Gallagher

A large nose is in fact the sign of an affable man, good, courteous, witty, liberal, courageous, such as I am.

— Edmond Rostand

Creating light is a wiz; sharing that light is witty and protecting that light is a great honour!

— Mehmet Murat Ildan

Truth is, we all project a false front to the world, peppering our social media pages with witty words and silly emoticons. Life narrowed down to 140 characters, staged selfies, and tirades over opinion posts. Life lived for the approval of the masses, all while tearing strangers down for the slightest misstep.

— Kristen Callihan

Your wit makes others witty.

— Catherine The Great

Minerva considered herself a reasonably intelligent person, but good heavens ... handsome men made her stupid. She grew so flustered around them, never knew where to look or what to say. The reply meant to be witty and clever would come out sounding bitter or lame. Sometimes a teasing remark from Lord Payne's quarter quelled her into dumb silence altogether. Only days later, while she was banging away at a cliff face with a rock hammer, would the perfect retort spring to mind.

— Tessa Dare

Clever, witty and absorbing, Amortality is a much-needed anatomy of our profound malaise about ageing. Its charms will never fade.

— David Baddiel

Your wits make others witty.

— Catherine The Great

The term "rational" and its variants (rationality, rationalism) are used in a lot of contexts in economic debate, both positively and negatively, but nearly always sloppily or dishonestly. A specimen I've seen on more occasions than I can count is the line (usually presented with a sense of witty originality) "if you are opposed to economic rationalism, you must be in favor of economic irrationalism" ... I've come to the conclusion that the word "rational" has no meaning that cannot better be conveyed by some alternative term and that the best advice is probably to avoid it altogether.

— John Quiggin

Patronizing the Arts is a brilliantly nuanced assessment of why universities must become art patrons. Learning from the twentieth-century university's embrace of Big Science, Garber argues that twenty-first-century universities must rigorously devote their attention to Big Art. Provocative, witty, and layered, Patronizing the Arts cogently demonstrates the advantages for both art and the university in this new and radical alliance.

— Peggy Phelan

I don't believe any experiment until it is confirmed by theory. I find this is a witty inversion of "conventional" wisdom.

— Arthur Eddington

What is perfectly true is perfectly witty.

— Francois De La Rochefoucauld

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