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Quotes About Will Ferrell

I shouldnt have called out Will Ferrell, but I am getting a little fed up with these people.You want to support Bernie [Sanders], knock yourself out. Does he know what Bernie stands for? Does he know what Bernie wants? And I submit to you, he doesnt.
— Bill O'Reilly —

I think 'Elf' is funny, with Will Ferrell. That's a great Christmas movie.

— Robert Osborne

We, Will Ferrell and I, were approached by Sequoia, which is a big financing firm up in Palo Alto; they do a lot of Internet stuff, and they came to us and said they had an idea for a comedy site, and Will and I were sorta like, 'Yeah, we don't know. It's the Internet, we've seen it come and go.'

— Adam McKay

Will Ferrell is just about the nicest guy - anyone can tell you that.

— Peter Dinklage

I don't know how to be like a Bill Murray or a Will Ferrell, these guys who know how to make a line funny just by, I don't know, some extra-sense perception. I only know character and emotion and real acting; that's all I know how to do.

— John C. Reilly

I love Steve Carell and Will Ferrell - they're my heroes.

— Daniel Radcliffe

Will Ferrell makes me laugh a lot when he gets out there and gets crazy.

— Michael Keaton

Everything changes once you start trying to market the film. Part of you feels like everything is slipping away from you. For me, I don't want people going to the theater thinking it's going to be a laugh-a-minute comedy, like a Will Ferrell film or something. Because it's not.

— Taika Waititi

The movie that makes me cry is Anchorman. I have the biggest
crush on Will Ferrel I love him in every film he does. I mean, Ryan Gosling could be my child. I'm not going to have a crush on a child.
Will Ferrell is a man.

— Meryl Streep

It was scary to be in that world of politics. I felt uncomfortable to be in that discussion. The weird thing is, when Darrell Hammond or Will Ferrell or Dana Carvey did an impersonation of a president, no one assumed it was personal, but because Sarah Palin and I are both women and people think women are meaner to each other, everyone assumed it was personal.

— Tina Fey

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