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Quotes About Why Me

I hope the next actress offered millions to play the fat girl for the day stops to think about this before she signs the contract - even if just to ask, like any professional actress would in any other situation, Why does she weigh 350 pounds? And why me for the part? If the director cant answer these questions, dont do the movie.
— Allison Anders —

My heart stood still. "But why me?" I choked out.
He dipped his head to murmur in my ear. "It was fated. I saw you once before-in Paris. You were surrounded by your panting lapdogs and would have none of them. It was then I knew that I alone would have you. The rest was Allah's will," he continued matter-of-factly. "You came to Biskra. You arranged a tour in the desert. You were bored and wanted adventure. I have granted that wish." He flashed a feral smile. "And now you will grant mine.

— Victoria Vane

On the surface she might put on a good show, making fun of herself and her manless state, but inwardly it was hard sometimes not to wonder: Why me?

— Jill Mansell

I can't say 'why me,' Brady. That's one of the big no-can-do's. Because if I do that now that bad stuff has happened to me, why didn't I say it about all the amazing stuff that happened to me before?

— Mike Lupica

And what if I want you?" I ask softly.
"I'm here, aren't I?"
"You are. You keep coming back. For what? What is this between us?"
He slides a hand into my hair and leads me to lean into him again. "It's whatever you want it to be, gorgeous. With one exception."
"What's that?"
"It's not just sex. That's why I won't sleep with you. I won't let this be just sex."
That makes me smile. "Why me, Asher? I'm just some small-town slut with too much baggage. You could have anyone." I can feel his heart beating against my cheek and its steady pace increases at my question. "Why me?"
"Sweetheart, when you know the answer to that question, we won't be talking anymore."
I pull back and blink at him. "You'll be gone?"
His lips quirk. "I'll be inside you.

— Lexi Ryan

I can look at cancer as a disease that picks me out and 'why me,' or I can look at it through love and say, 'This is a wake-up call. This is my body telling me: 'Hey, you're out of balance here. It's time to get in line with yourself.'

— Melissa Etheridge

Don't know what?" "Why?" "Why what?" "Why me?" He stares at me for a moment. "Why not you?

— J.M. Darhower

On eluding conviction after mistrial: Why me? I am blessed. I can't complain. I am walking out the door. I am going to have a healthy and happy Christmas.

— John A. Gotti

Avoid the question 'why me?.' It saves a lot of grief

— Wilhelmina Baird

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