Quotes About Why I Am The Way I Am

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Quotes About Why I Am The Way I Am

You see, thats who you are, Joe. All these things. Thats the person I know, and through him is the way youll know me, because connected to all these things are moments, and for so many of them, I was there. And thats the thing that hurts so much ... You see, you were the only person who knew everything. Because you were there. You were my witness. And you make sense of the fucked-up mess I become every now and then. And I could at least look at you and think, at least he knows why I am the way I am. There were reasons. But I cant do that anymore and I feel so lonely.
— Sarah Winman —

Legislature Votes Down Gun Reform Bill
The timing is strange on that one. They had it in committee for months. All the pressure around Tariq brought it forward this week. If they were going to vote it down, why did they even bother? It's like they went out of the way to say, 'No, what happened here is fine.

— Kekla Magoon

"Kaboom?" I parroted.
Greg made a mushroom cloud motion with his hands, his grin widening. "Big kaboom."
"Big kaboom? Is that the technical term?" Both Greg and I turned our attention back to the screen, finding Sandra's face filling the window. "See, this is why I won't let you play with Alex, Greg. He likes to blow things up figuratively, and you like to blow things up literally," she chided.
Alex was still smiling as he gently pushed her out of the way, "I like to blow things up literally, too."
"All men do." She sounded exasperated.

— Penny Reid

Whatever any of them thinks about who she was, or what happened, or why people do what they do, is just absolutely fine & dandy, as long as they have a good time, do it with a kind heart, & pay homage in a respectful way to the Goddesses that have gone before them.

— Kris Radish

But I'm afraid it can't be done."
"Certainly not; it can't be done," repeated the Humbug.
"Why not?" asked Milo.
"Why not indeed?" exclaimed the bug, who seemed equally at home on either side of an argument.
"Much too difficult," replied the king.
"Of course," emphasized the bug, "much too difficult."
"You could if you really wanted to," insisted Milo.
"By all means, if you really wanted to, you could," the Humbug agreed.
"How?" asked Azaz, glaring at the bug.
"How?" inquired Milo, looking the same way.
"A simple task," began the Humbug, suddenly wishing he were somewhere else, "for a brave lad with a stout heart, a steadfast dog, and a serviceable small automobile.

— Norton Juster

I'd ask [God] why he keeps trying to kill us all with disease, pestilence, and natural disasters. I'd ask why 99% of all species there ever were are now extinct
if God works in mysterious ways, that way is mysteriously genocidal.

— Neil DeGrasse Tyson

If they were meant to really be together, why had they been born a prince and a commoner? And if they weren't, why did she feel this way inside?

— Scott Westerfeld

Why am I the way I am? Well, I used to be different.

— Tom Sizemore

I'm tired and it's taking an increasing amount out of me, more than I have to give physically. And that's why I want to move to Sicily and buy that little farm and raise a flock of goats and geese. I find it peaceful ... and it would be a nice way to end life.

— Tennessee Williams

Instead of always asking yourself why so-and-so acts this or that way, learn to ask: "What's inside of me that wants to hurt itself over how anyone else acts?"

— Guy Finley

Why do you hunger for length of days? The point of life is to follow reason and the divine spirit and to accept whatever nature sends you. To live in this way is not to fear death, but to hold it in contempt. Death is only a thing of terror for those unable to live in the present. Pass on your way, then, with a smiling face, under the smile of him who bids you go

— Marcus Aurelius

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