Quotes About What You Think About Me

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Quotes About What You Think About Me

I see who I am reflected in your eyes. I know what you think about me. But what if I told you, you were wrong?
— Jenny B. Jones —

I like these boots," I told Vayl.
"Do you think they'd sell them to me cheap? I keep ruining mine."
"Since when do you fret over money?" he asked with amusement. "I was not even sure you knew what to do with it."
I shrugged. "A women has needs."
"Still." said Cole. "Gosh, Jaz, why didn't you say something to me? I'd never let you suffer.

— Jennifer Rardin

Because whenever anyone gets within a ten-foot radius of him, you go insane.
Any time someone even dares to suggest there's anyone in his life other than you, you go insane. Any time he's not within touching distance, you go insane. And any time you think he's falling away from you, that he's not there, you go insane. You've put your whole life into him; what do you think that means, Jacob? How can you possibly explain that and not make it sound like he's the axis your world spins on? Because if you can explain him away, and everything you feel for him away, then I'd like you to tell me how you function without a heart.

— Giselle Ellis

This is going to hurt, but you will have to watch other couples be happier, richer and louder than you. Wait. No obstacle can withstand patience. Wait. You may not think so now, but there will come a time when you will be tempted to run away. Would that be right? Would that be fair? As every matriarch discovers, entire seasons will pass without reward. As your mate's peculiarities add up, what do you do? Wait!
pg 45

— Michael Ben Zehabe

I think we match up with anybody because our pitching. In a short series you run your big three out there or four out there. That generally is what wins a series - pitching and defense. If we can catch the ball and not give away any runs like we do sometimes.

— Dusty Baker

How did you fall in, Eeyore?" asked Rabbit, as he dried him with Piglet's handkerchief.
"I didn't," said Eeyore.
"But how
"I was BOUNCED," said Eeyore.
"Oo," said Roo excitedly, "did somebody push you?"
"Somebody BOUNCED me. I was just thinking by the side of the river
thinking, if any of you know what that means
when I received a loud BOUNCE."
"Oh, Eeyore!" said everybody.
"Are you sure you didn't slip?" asked Rabbit wisely.
"Of course I slipped. If you're standing on the slippery bank of a river, and somebody BOUNCES you loudly from behind, you slip. What did you think I did?

— A.A. Milne

Being a copper I like to see the law win. I'd like to see the flashy well-dressed mugs like Eddie Mars spoiling their manicures in the rock quarry at Folsom, alongside of the poor little slum-bred guys that got knocked over on their first caper amd never had a break since. That's what I'd like. You and me both lived too long to think I'm likely to see it happen. Not in this town, not in any town half this size, in any part of this wide, green and beautiful U.S.A. We just don't run our country that way.

— Raymond Chandler

I think he'll wait until he gets the new generator installed." "But what if he leaves with them in the morning?" "If that seems too dreadful to you, Lois, you can always get drunk." "You don't have to be so cruel." "You disappointed me." "I know. I'm sorry." "How's your head now?" "A little better, I think. Trav?" "Yes, honey." "Trav, I'm so hungry I could eat this bench.

— John D. MacDonald

As for worrying about what other people might think - forget it. They aren't concerned about yours. They're too busy worrying about what you and other people think of theirs.

— Michael LeBoeuf

Music, it's an emotion; if you're just a puppet, how can you put your soul in what you do? For my part, I believe that I put my soul to it, so I get angry when people think that what I do is plastic.

— Bill Kaulitz

If there be ground for you to trust, as you do, in your own righteousness, then all that Christ did to purchase salvation, and all that God did from the fall of man to prepare the way for it, is in vain. Consider what greater folly could you have devised to charge upon God than this, that all those things were done so needlessly; when, instead of all this, He might only have called you forth, and committed the business to you, which you think you can do so easily.

— Jonathan Edwards

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