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Quotes About Weathering

The first important step in weathering failure is learning not to personalize it.
— John C. Maxwell —

Christopher Buehlman Quotes: But it will be harder for you if you
But it will be harder for you if you remember. Love is always harder. Love means weathering blows for another's sake and not counting them. Love is loss of self, loss of other, and faith in the death of loss.

— Christopher Buehlman

His wife, Genevieve, had her bare feet up on the sofa, exhausted by the responsibility of coordinating the domestic crisis of Christmas in a house with a dreamy husband, four kids, two dogs, a mare in the paddock, a rabbit, and a guinea pig, plus sundry invading mice and rats that kept finding inventive routes into their kitchen. In many ways it was a house weathering a permanent state of siege.

— Graham Joyce

It takes a lady of a certain age to contain the stuff [whiskey]. Particularly the Irish. No offense but a bit of weathering and experience are required not to go right off the edge with it. I would heisitate to serve Irish to a green schoolgirl. Mixes and vodka are enough for them to go wrong on. I couldn't look at myself shaving if I poured Irish for the young.

— Katherine Dunn

The best experience that we have on Earth is the fact that we have scientific stations, weathering over stations down in the Antarctic for almost the entire 20th century to learn how to exist in exceedingly hazardous conditions; and the Moon is far more hazardous than Antarctica. At least they have water there.

— Edgar Mitchell

Klaus Lackner Quotes: My personal view is the true long term
My personal view is the true long-term storage is mineral carbonates, which is some form of accelerated weathering.

— Klaus Lackner

As he worked on the room, and as it began slowly to take a shape, he realized that for many years, unknown to himself, he had had an image locked somewhere within him like a shamed secret, an image that was ostensibly of a place but which was actually of himself. So it was himself that he was attempting to define as he worked on his study. As he sanded the old boards for his bookcases, and saw the surface roughnesses disappear, the gray weathering flake away to the essential wood and finally to a rich purity of grain and texture-as he repaired his furniture and arranged it in the room, it was himself that he was slowly shaping, it was himself that he was putting into a kind of order, it was himself that he was making possible.

— John Edward Williams

Selman Waksman Quotes: The soil is not a mass of dead debris
The soil is not a mass of dead debris, merely resulting from the physical and chemical weathering of rocks; it is a more or less homogeneous system which has resulted from the decomposition of plant and animal remains. It is teeming with life.

— Selman Waksman

Every couple needs to argue now and then. Just to prove that the relationship is strong enough to survive. Long-term relationships, the ones that matter, are all about weathering the peaks and the valleys.

— Nicholas. Sparks

Nicholas. Sparks Quotes: It is but its also true long term
It is but it's also true. Long term relationships - the ones that matter - are all about weathering the peaks and the valleys. And you are still thinking long term, right?

— Nicholas. Sparks

There's almost no author alive who isn't weathering the tumultuous changes in the publishing industry.

— M.J. Rose

Smart financial planning - such as budgeting, saving for emergencies, and preparing for retirement - can help households enjoy better lives while weathering financial shocks. Financial education can play a key role in getting to these outcomes.

— Ben Bernanke

Mountains aren't eternal: even the most imposing massifs are smoothed away by weathering in a few hundred million years or less. Plate tectonics makes new ones, and without it, our future would be flat.

— Seth Shostak

It was as if these memories had been hibernating in him, not dead but merely dormant, weathering out, and now they stumbled out of their thousand dens.

— Anthony Doerr

An ounce of logic can be worth more than a ton of tradition that has become obsolete through the weathering of time.

— Ed Parker

I have a thing about honesty; I think it's crucial to a relationship. Otherwise, one person holds all the power. It's healthy to be straightforward, and it turns out you can wind up weathering a lot. Knowing that everything is on the table - what you see is what you get - lends a sense of safety.

— Jennifer Connelly

Craig Childs Quotes: In the desert the two primary elements
In the desert, the two primary elements are stone and water. Stone comes in abundance, exposed by weathering and a lack of vegetation. It is a canvas. Water crosses this stone with such rarity and ferocity that it tells all of its secrets in the shapes left behind.

— Craig Childs

Kyuzo Mifune Quotes: The weed crushed and pressed by the
The weed crushed and pressed by the heavy rock may slowly and gently grow up anew helped by the fresh air, sunshine, and sympathetic rain. On the other hand, the rock is often broken through exposure to nature and weathering. Life is a strong power to grow in tenderness; this fact may be considered as having a close relation with human life. At the same time tenderness has sometimes stronger power against stiffness or hardening due to extreme strain.

— Kyuzo Mifune

I have always been comfortable weathering the storm.
I'd like to get more comfortable weathering the sunny day.

— Andrea Gibson

The first important step in weathering failure is learning not to personalize it.

— John C. Maxwell

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