Quotes About Weaknesses And Strength

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Quotes About Weaknesses And Strength

Both sides had more confidence in their opponents weaknesses than their own strength.
— H.W. Brands —

Herein lies the great difference between divine weakness and human weakness, the wounds of Christ and the wounds of man. Two human weaknesses only intensify each other. But human weakness plus Christ's weakness equals a supernatural strength.

— Christian Wiman

Both sides had more confidence in their opponents' weaknesses than their own strength.

— H.W. Brands

Dedicated to anyone who has weaknesses, and finds the strength to overcome them.

— Cassie Mae

Someone's weaknesses are the strength which allows them to be human.

— M (Michelle) Carithers

Jennifer Beckstrand Quotes: How could i understand my weaknesses if
How could I understand my weaknesses if my strength had not been tested?

— Jennifer Beckstrand

Most Like an Arch This Marriage
Most like an arch-an entrance which upholds
and shores the stone-crush up the air like lace.
Mass made idea, and idea held in place.
A lock in time. Inside half-heaven unfolds.
Most like an arch-two weaknesses that lean
into a strength. Two fallings become firm.
Two joined abeyances become a term
naming the fact that teaches fact to mean.
Not quite that? Not much less. World as it is, what's strong and separate falters. All I do
at piling stone on stone apart from you
is roofless around nothing. Till we kiss
I am no more than upright and unset.
It is by falling in and in we make
the all-bearing point, for one another's sake,
in faultless failing, raised by our own weight.

— John Ciardi

Work on your strengths, not your weaknesses. How many of your New Year's resolutions have been about fixing a flaw? And how many of those resolutions have you made several years in a row? It's difficult to change any aspect of your personality by sheer force of will, and if it is a weakness you choose to work on, you probably won't enjoy the process. If you don't find pleasure or reinforcement along the way, then-unless you have the willpower of Ben Franklin-you'll soon give up. But you don't really have to be good at everything. Life offers so many chances to use one tool instead of another, and often you can use a strength to get around a weakness.

— Jonathan Haidt

Whatever it is in your life that is separating you from Jesus Christ, he knows about it. He longs for you to come to him now, so he can lend you his strength to overcome your weaknesses. His love is there for you, as solid and sturdy as a brick. He doesn't turn away in disgust when you make a mistake, no matter how many times you've made that mistake before. If you'll let him, he'll pick you up and dust you off and say 'Try again. I know you'll do better next time.' And because he never gives up on you, you will try again, and eventually, with his help, you'll conquer whatever it is that brought you down.

— Emily Watts

Some are drawn to the light of your strength but can't handle the darkness of your weaknesses. If they run when the light gets dim, don't chase them. They have no understanding of how dark is necessary for light to shine its brightest.

— Sanjo Jendayi

Operate from ur strength and not ur weakness.everyone has weaknesses

— Ikechukwu Joseph

There was perhaps a strain of humility that was more common then than now, that there was a moral ecology, stretching back centuries but less prominent now, encouraging people to be more skeptical of their desires, more aware of their own weaknesses, more intent on combatting the flaws in their own natures and turning weakness into strength.

— David Brooks

Can the purpose of a relationship be to trigger our wounds? In a way, yes, because that is how healing happens; darkness must be exposed before it can be transformed. The purpose of an intimate relationship is not that it be a place where we can hide from our weaknesses, but rather where we can safely let them go. It takes strength of character to truly delve into the mystery of an intimate relationship, because it takes the strength to endure a kind of psychic surgery, an emotional and psychological and even spiritual initiation into the higher Self. Only then can we know an enchantment that lasts.

— Marianne Williamson

True strength is the courage to admit our weaknesses.

— Simon Sinek

Lapo Elkann Quotes: I have many weaknesses but i have one
I have many weaknesses, but I have one strength. When I do something, I do it 300 percent. I'm not a middle man.

— Lapo Elkann

Mark McKinnon Quotes: Contrary to conventional military and
Contrary to conventional military and game theory, the most effective offense is sometimes a direct attack against your political opponent's greatest strength - not his weaknesses - to place him immediately on the defensive.

— Mark McKinnon

The real comfort was to have one's sins and weaknesses not explained away but understood and shared. John's identification of himself with Michael in so much was what he needed. He found strength in it ... It struck him that it can be as much by our weakness as by our virtue that we can serve each other

— Elizabeth Goudge

Tullian Tchividjian Quotes: If youre a christian heres the good news
If you're a Christian, here's the good news: who you really are has nothing to do with you-how much you can accomplish, who you can become, your behavior, your strengths, your weaknesses, your sordid past, your family background, your education, your looks, and so on. Your identity is firmly anchored in Christ's accomplishment, not yours; His strength, not yours; His performance, not yours; His victory, not yours.

— Tullian Tchividjian

The Christian often tries to forget his weakness; God wants us to remember it, to feel it deeply. The Christian wants to conquer his weakness and to be freed from it; God wants us to rest and even rejoice in it. The Christian mourns over his weakness; Christ teaches His servant to say, 'I take pleasure in infirmities. Most gladly ... will I ... glory in my infirmities' (2 Cor. 12:9)' The Christian thinks his weaknesses are his greatest hindrance in the life and service of God; God tells us that it is the secret of strength and success. It is our weakness, heartily accepted and continually realized, that gives our claim and access to the strength of Him who has said, 'My strength is made perfect in weakness

— Andrew Murray

Let us speak, though we show all our faults and weaknesses, - for it is a sign of strength to be weak, to know it, and out with it - not in a set way and ostentatiously, though, but incidentally and without premeditation.

— Herman Melville

Of those who really love their sons, few know how to do it. Some spoil them when they are young, and then quarrel with them when they are grown up, for having been spoiled; some love them like mothers, and attend only to the bodily health and strength of the hopes of their family, solemnize his birthday, and rejoice, like the subjects of the Great Mogul, at the increase of his bulk: while others, minding, as they think, only essentials, take pains and pleasure to see in their heir, all their favourite weaknesses and imperfections.

— Lord Chesterfield

You grow most in your areas of greatest strength. You will improve the most, be the
most creative, be the most inquisitive, and bounce back the fastest in those areas
where you have already shown some natural advantage over everyone else your strengths. This doesn't mean you should ignore your weaknesses. It just means
you'll grow most where you're already strong.

— Marcus Buckingham

Let our love be like an arch- two weaknesses leaning together to form one strength.

— John Ciardi

A hopeful book that moms will relish, Blue Like Playdough is an honest, peel-back-the-covers look at the creative way God shapes us through childhood and parenthood. Tricia Goyer explores her own weaknesses along the journey, revealing her desire to serve the God who forms strength and joy and perseverance within her. A compelling, fresh read.

— Mary E. DeMuth

Within our perceived weaknesses and imperfections lies the key to realizing our true strength.

— Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

Joseph M. Marshall III Quotes: Weakness and strength are necessary for
Weakness and strength are necessary for balance. No one or nothing is only weak or only strong. But some of us overlook our weaknesses, and even deny that we have them. That can be dangerous, because denying there is a weakness is in itself a weakness. Likewise, accepting that we have weaknesses becomes a strength. And by the same token, overestimating strength is a weakness. You should not be blinded by your strengths. The feeling of strength is not the same as having strength. Neither should you ignore your weaknesses. Know them well, too.

— Joseph M. Marshall III

Accepting that we have weaknesses becomes a strength.

— Joseph M. Marshall III

Our weaknesses are an opportunity for God to show his strength.

— Michael Horton

The weak shows his strength and hides his weaknesses; the magnificent exhibits his weaknesses like ornaments.

— Nassim Nicholas Taleb

In most cases, strengths and weaknesses are two sides of the same coin. A strength in one situation is a weakness in another, yet often the person can't switch gears. It's a very subtle thing to talk about strengths and weaknesses because almost always they're the same thing.

— Steve Jobs

Strength, strength is what the Upanishads speak to me from every page. This is the one great thing to remember, it has been the one great lesson I have been taught in my life; strength, it says, strength, O man, be not weak. Are there no human weaknesses? - says man. There are, say the Upanishads, but will more weakness heal them, would you try to wash dirt with dirt? Will sin cure sin, weakness cure weakness? Strength, O man, strength, say the Upanishads, stand up and be strong.

— Swami Vivekananda

We have basic urges all the time. They just manifest themselves in different scenarios, and we have to turn those weaknesses into our strengths. Art is very much about making your weaknesses your strength.

— Nicolas Winding Refn

Pat Summitt Quotes: The greatest strength any human being an
The greatest strength any human being an have is to recognize his or her own weaknesses. When you identify your weaknesses, you can begin to remedy them - or at least figure out how to work around them.

— Pat Summitt

Peter Drucker Quotes: An organization belongs on a sick list
An organization belongs on a sick list when promotion becomes more important to its people than accomplishment of their job they are in. It is sick when it is more concerned with avoiding mistakes than with taking risks, with counteracting the weaknesses of its members than with building on their strength. But it is sick also when "good human relations" become more important than performance and achievement.

— Peter Drucker

The effective executive knows that it is easier to raise the performance of one leader than it is to raise the performance of a whole mass. She therefore makes sure she puts into the leadership position, into the standard-setting, the performance-making position the person who has the strength to do the outstanding pacesetting job. This always requires focus on the one strength of a person and dismissal of weaknesses as irrelevant unless they hamper the full deployment of the available strength.

— Peter Drucker

Leonardo Da Vinci Quotes: An arch consists of two weaknesses which
An arch consists of two weaknesses which, leaning one against the other, make a strength.

— Leonardo Da Vinci

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Quotes: The ego searches for shortcomings and
The ego searches for shortcomings and weaknesses. Love watches for any sign of strength. It sees how far each one has come and not how far he has to go.

— Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Marguerite Gardiner, Countess Of Blessington Quotes: Our weaknesses are the indigenous
Our weaknesses are the indigenous produce of our characters; but our strength is the forced fruit.

— Marguerite Gardiner, Countess Of Blessington

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