Quotes About Watching Out For Yourself

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Quotes About Watching Out For Yourself

So what do you do? she asked. I sneak around at night, well, usually at night, and gather coins out of fountains, I said slowly, watching her face for judgement. She burst into laughter. Like spare change? You collect peoples wishes? And you spend them on yourself? Theyre not wishes I said. They lose their symbolism once they hit corporate water. At that time they either become extra income for people who dont need it, or they can help me get along in the world.
— Caris O'Malley —

You get no writing done at all if you sit at a table with a view. You'd spent the whole time watching the birds or thinking about what you would like to be doing out of doors, instead of flogging yourself to work out of sheer boredom.

— Mary Stewart

When it comes to the self in becoming, the greatest enrichment another person can bring to your life is the gift of enabling you to be yourself, and the influence of helping that self reach its full potential. With this comes the freedom for that real self to grow. Whether in the form of a friend, family member or a beloved, those who will be true blessings to us are those with whom we can diminish our social affectations, cast off our fears and insecurities, break free the shackles of unnaturalness that the social world brings to bear on us, and be freed from the yoke of impressing on others the artificial selves we create for the watching world. Stay close to the ones who can help bring out all the facets of the excellent self that's inside you - for then you will delight in the freedom to shine.

— James Knight - The Philosophical Muser Blog

Give at least fifteen minutes everyday to reading. Sometimes, we spend a lot of time watching television - surfing through channels; not really watching anything in particular. Fifteen minutes out of that time is not a big deal. Soon you will find yourself reading for more than fifteen minutes. Soon you will find yourself turning to a book when you need to relax. Soon you will realize that reading a book heals you in a way you never imagined possible.

— Arti Honrao

Yes, you do. And when you find yourself back in Kalosis in a few seconds with a wide-eyes Trates and a pissed-off Stryker, remember that I'm watching you and that the Weres are off-limits in this game. You want to fuck with Artemis, fuck with Artemis. You want to fuck with me ... make out your will. (Savitar)

— Sherrilyn Kenyon

Start watching out for any thoughts or feelings that are immature, angry, inaccurate, selfish, weak, scared, dramatic, or in any way based in fear. In those moments, start to practice consciously choosing love for yourself and others instead.

— Kimberly Giles

You took advantage of Amelia," Merripen said.
"Not that it matters," Cam said in Romany, "but how did you find out?"
Merripen's huge hands flexed as if longing to rip him apart. Lucifer himself could not have had blacker, more burning eyes. "Speak in English," he said harshly. "I don't like the old language."
Frowning in curiosity, Cam readily complied.
"The maids were talking about it," Merripen replied. "I heard them standing outside my door. You dishonored one of my family."
"Yes, I know," Cam said quietly.
"You're not good enough for her."
"I know that, too." Watching him intently, Cam asked, "Do you want her for yourself, chal?"
Merripen looked mortally offended. "She's a sister to me."
"That's good. Because I want her for my wife.

— Lisa Kleypas

You yourself are in an ecstatic state to such a point that you feel as though you almost don't exist. I've experienced this time and again. My hand seems devoid of myself, and I have nothing to do with what is happening. I just sit there watching in a state of awe and wonderment. And it just flows out by itself.

— Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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