Quotes About Wanting To Drink

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Quotes About Wanting To Drink

I couldnt tear my eyes from the window, wanting to drink in as much of St. Louis as I could, knowing somewhere out there, one of those infinitesimally small lights was him. I wondered if hed look up and see the planes crossing the sky like shooting stars, knowing one of those lights was me.
— Leah Raeder —

He seems so frivolous and so careless, but he gives money to beggars, not frivolously or carelessly, but because he believes in giving money to beggars, and giving it to them "where they stand".
He says he knows perfectly well all the arguments against giving money to beggars. But he finds those to be precisely the arguments for giving money to them. If beggars are lazy or deceptive or wanting a drink, he knows only too well his own lack of motivation, his own dishonesty, his own thirst.
He doesn't believe in "scientific charity" because that is too easy, as easy as writing a check. He believes in "promiscuous charity" because that is really difficult. "It means the most dark and terrible of all human actions-talking to a man. In fact, I know of nothing more difficult than really talking to the poor men we meet." (pp. 13-14)

— Dale Ahlquist

I wish I could bottle this,' I whispered.
'And drink it every morning.'
'And every day at lunch, and then again at dinner, and before bed.'
'You'd get sick of it,' he said.
I shook my head. 'Never.'
'Seriously,' he said. 'I want to freeze this moment.'
'Good thing you don't need to.'
'Will Doniger, there is nothing in the entire universe that could make me stop wanting to be with you. And so on and so forth ad infinitum.

— Donna Freitas

Damn, all I wanted was a drink of coffee and one little beignet. Coffee ... Daimons ... Coffee ... Daimons. (Talon)
I think in this case the Daimons better win. (Wulf)
Yeah, but it's chicory coffee. (Talon)
Talon wanting to be toasted by Acheron for failure to protect humans. (Wulf)

— Sherrilyn Kenyon

Drinking isn't necessarily the same as wanting to die. But you can't drink without thinking you're killing yourself.

— Marguerite Duras

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