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Quotes About Want To Get Married

So I guess Im ready to ... start dating. I want to get married again. Have a family." Ethan leans forward, causing Fat Mikey to jump off his lap. "I see," he says. I look at the floor for a second. "Right." Risking a peek at Ethan, I add, "So we should probably stop sleeping together.
— Kristan Higgins —

He pulled away abruptly - self-preservation required it - and pressed his brow to hers, breathing deep. "You remember one thing. You decide you want to get married, it's going to be me."
Briony watched him stalk outside, slamming the kitchen door behind him. Both eyebrows raised, she turned to Ken.
Close your mouth, honey. That's just Jack trying to be romantic and failing miserably. Don't let him get away with that shit either. If he's going to ask you, make him do it all they way. You know - down on one knee, looking stupid."
Briony nearly choked. "That's just mean, Ken."
He leaned close to her. "If you do it, Briony, tell me first so I can videotape it. I could blackmail him for the rest of his life.

— Christine Feehan

I want to get married.
We are married.
I want to do it again.
Let's just do it.

— Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Men who want to get married
propose. You don't need to read the signs. They propose and that's the sign.

— Sophie Kinsella

Yes, Kat, I really want to get married."
"In a towel?"
His head tipped back, and he let out a deep laugh. "Maybe I'll put some clothes on.

— Jennifer L. Armentrout

I want to get married, but I'm always tortured in relationships.

— Scott Caan

I came from a single parent household. And I had a bad example of what a husband and father could be and how irresponsible a father could be. So because of that, I didn't want to get married or have kids.

— Sarah Shahi

I want to get married and have children and live happily ever after. That's important to me.

— Cory Monteith

Maybe you didn't want to get married, or get tied down?'
Tsukuru shook his head. 'No, I don't think that was it. I'm the sort of person who craves stability.

— Haruki Murakami

I didn't want to get married - I thought it was like a cult! It seemed so conservative and unnatural.

— Alicia Silverstone

You want a career? Do that first. You don't want to have kids? Then don't. You don't want to get married? Then don't. But once you do something, you've got to know that there is compromise.

— Iman

I don't care who anybody sleeps with. If a couple has been together all that time - and there are gay relationships that are more solid than some heterosexual ones - I think it's fine if they want to get married. I don't know how people can get so anti-something.

— Betty White

I don't really want to get married to get married pretend.

— Cynthia Nixon

If I meet my ideal woman, I want to get married straight away. And start making a world of just the two of us.

— G-Dragon

I couldn't possibly explain why the common person would be against something like that. It's all rooted in sexual hang-ups. The whole institution of marriage itself really has no place in a progressive society. I don't know why anyone would want to get married heterosexually, so why they'd be against homosexual marriage is flummoxing. I only use that word when I'm talking to someone from the British press.

— Doug Stanhope

I don't ask for much. I don't ask to be rich, and I don't ask to be famous, and I don't ask to play center field for the New York Yankees. I just want to get married and have a wife, and a house, and I want to have a kid, and I want to go see him be a tooth in the school play!

— Tom Hanks

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